iPod Nano Not Charging? Here’s A Fix

Have you just plugged in your iPod Nano to a charger and realized that it doesn’t charge no matter how much you reposition the charger? When an iPod Nano won’t charge, it could be because of several reasons that we will address in this post and show you how to fix.


When your iPod Nano is frozen and won’t charge, you need to force restart it. Here is how to force restart different iPod Nano models:

iPod Nano 5th Generation: Unlock the hold switch. Then press and continue holding both Menu Key and Select Key simultaneously until the Apple Logo appears. It will then restart.

iPod Nano 6th Generation: Press and continual holding Sleep/Wake button and Volume Down button simultaneously until the Apple Logo appears on the screen. The iPod will restart.

iPod Nano – 7th Generation: Press and continual holding Sleep/Wake button and Home Down button simultaneously until the screen goes off. After a few second your iPod will restart.

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Low power USB port

iPod Nano can charge on a computer USB port with any problem since the computer’s USB port is of high-power. However, when you charge from a device that has a low USB power output, your iPod Nano won’t charge. The solution here is to find a device with high power USB or use the normal charger. Refrain from using the USB hub since most of them have lower-power as well.

Sleep Mode

Your computer USB port is compatible with your iPod Nano. It should, therefore, charge your iPod Nano without any problem. However, you might have set your computer on sleep mode, hibernation or even on standby mode. If this is so and your computer goes to these modes, then charging ceases. Simply turn on your computer and plug in your iPod Nano to charge.

Faulty Port or Cable

If your iPod Nano is connected to power or to your computer and it does not charge, then the problem might be the port or cable. Do not panic. These cables get worn out after some time of using them. Try charging other devices using the same cable or to rule out the faulty cable. If the other device does not charge, then the issue if your cable. If it is not working still and the iPod Nano is not charging the battery, then it might be your iPod Nano is faulty. To verify that, then you will need to have it checked.

Last Word

I hope that your iPod Nano is now charging. However, if it isn’t you will need to get in touch with Apple Support since the problem is definitely a hardware issue.