Is PacSun legit? Everything you should know

Since the global pandemic, there has been a rise in retail brands selling clothes online, especially at a lower price. There are genuine brand stores and scam stores that rip people off their money. For this reason, you should be careful when shopping in online stores with unbelievably low prices. 

You may have heard of PacSun’s unbelievably low prices and discounts and think they are too good to be true. There have also been conflicting reviews on whether PacSun and its clothing prices are genuine. So then, is PacSun a legit clothing brand to shop in?

What is PacSun?

PacSun is a clothing brand and retail store that sells clothing wear, footwear, and accessories targeted to teens and young adults. The brand was founded in 1980 and has been among the fashion household names, along with Shein. They also have an app and website that make digital purchasing easier and more convenient than visiting a retail store.

PacSun is also known for its unbelievable discounts and clothing prices. Additionally, they have free shipping for any orders purchased. However, the prices could be more questionable and make customers question whether the online store is true. While many people have purchased clothes, footwear, and accessories, there have been mixed reviews of their experience.

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Is PacSun a reputable site?

PacSun is a legitimate shopping site. The online platform is an extension of PacSun’s retail stores, which are slowly closing down.

As it seems, PacSun is keen on expanding its online shopping presence at the expense of local stores. The advantage of the online platform is that the company can sell clothes at a much cheaper price. Besides, they can offer a range of discounts and free delivery services.  You can also order online and pick your clothes from the nearest PacSun store.

Is PacSun a good clothing brand?

PacSun clothes

There have been mixed reviews on whether PacSun is a good and reliable clothing brand. However, most customers praise them for their good quality clothes and style. It is also a good clothing brand because it is affordable for all people, ships its items on time, and delivers the exact clothes purchased online.

There have also been negative reviews regarding their poor customer service, which varies with the store’s location. In addition, there have been reports that they have a no refund or exchange policy, making it difficult for customers to return unfitting clothing or shoes. Nonetheless, it is up to PacSun to note these mishaps and work on improving them for a better customer experience.

How long does a PacSun order take to arrive?

PacSun has three different shipping methods that ensure you receive your items on time. The standard method, $6, may take 7 business days to deliver ordered items to their destined customer. However, for destinations such as Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii, orders are delivered between 10 to 12 business days.

The express method, which is $13, is available in US countries and delivers orders within three business days. There is also an overnight method that costs $20 to deliver items on the same day.

International deliveries depend on the destination country and the selected shipping method. Therefore, there is no exact delivery date for such deliveries, and you can track your order through their website.

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Is PacSun expensive?

PacSun is very cheap and offers up to 50-70% discounts. They also have a variety of outfits such as hoodies, jeans, t-shirts, and shoes for male, female and unisex audiences.

It is a great branding cloth for people who want to expand their wardrobe but at less costly prices.

Final words

PacSun is a popular clothing brand known for its huge discounts and variety of clothing apparel for teenagers and young adults. However, because of the extensively low prices, many people need clarification on whether the clothing brand is genuine or a scam. In addition, there are mixed reviews concerning purchase or delivery from PacSun.

Since there are complaints about its crashing app and website, you can visit its physical store and purchase there. The clothing brand is generally praised for its good quality clothes and on-time delivery, depending on the customer’s delivery package and location.