This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable Try Again Later Error? The Fix!

If you try installing Mac OS using an Apple ID that isn’t associated with the OS you are probably going to see the following error message: ‘This item is temporarily unavailable try again later.’

This is a security measure that has been put in place to ensure that someone does not enter into your mac to do modifications. In this post, you will learn how to remove this error and proceed with your Mac OS installation.

How to solve this error

This problem can be solved using the following methods:

  1. Install it from the original DVD

If you have the original OS DVD you can insert it and install the operating system from it. For this you will require to have it in your purchase history otherwise it will always be unavailable.

Go to the store and download Yosemite. If you do not have a DVD with the original OS you can try using a USB stick.

  1. USB device support

You will have to download the operating system from another computer that is working and install a portable bootable copy on your USB device for this procedure. This will work for both El Captain, Sierra, and OSX.

  1. Install the USB device on your MacBook or Mac computer.
  2. Press the power button.
  3. Immediately press and hold on to the alt key until the mac shows two bootable drives, your hard disk, and the USB device.
  4. from this menu select to boot from the USB device. The apple logo should appear with a loading icon.
  5. You will wait a few minutes then you will be prompted to choose your language
  6. Click continue
  7. Select agree to the terms and conditions (after reading them of course)
  8. Erase your hard disk then select to install the OS on the hard disk again.
  9. Wait for some time, when it finishes, click on the reboot option. The computer should be able to reboot by itself in case you spend much time allowing it to. This should take less than 10 sec.

After restarting you will be prompted to the steps of opening a new operating system on a mac by selecting language choosing a Wi-Fi network, creating an account. Your computer should be able to log on to the OS now.

  1. Check your internet connection

Your device may experiencing internet connectivity issues. To see if your mac is connected to the internet select networks and check the network connection and the signal strength. You can forget the network and try again reconnecting it to see if it will work, you can also move the device closer to the router to see if it will get better.

You might also be trying to update your OS while many users are doing so creating traffic to the apple site and this might also lead to such errors try to do the process after some time and see if it persists.

  1. Take it to the apple store

If you find it hard to use the above procedures you might require to go and visit an apple store to get assistance. You can also contact apple support and they can tell you what to do about it. Note that you might be required to pay to have them fix the issue.