iTools for iOS 10 presents several benefits that you should explore

As many fans of Apple products already know, a tool to manage your iOS is usually a welcome addition. Apple have their own tool for this, which is iTunes. If you are looking for an alternative or something that is actually an improvement on iTunes, go for iTools. It has added features that makes more people prefer it.iTools for iOS 10

Main reasons people prefer iTools for iOS 10

For one, iTools is very easy to use compared to iTunes. It has a simple interface and can therefore be used for all level users. iTunes, on the other hand is much more complicated and is usually reserved for advanced users. So if it is your first time trying such tools, you are better off with iTools.

Another major benefit of iTools is that it is completely free. All you will need is a reliable internet connection and you will be able to enjoy iTools. The actual process for downloading and installing is also very simple and straightforward. It will also not take long and you will be able to start using it as soon as you install.

iTools is available for all Apple devices with iOS 10. The developers of iTools are always on their toes, always ensuring that their app is compatible with all iOS devices. It is usually launched shortly after a new iOS is launched, meaning you do not have to wait long before you start enjoying it.

iTools provides you with the opportunity to manage your Apple device through both Windows and Mac. You will be able to enjoy advanced cache clearing and boost your device’s performance. iTools for iOS 10 supports all iOS 10 firmware managing. Other than managing apps, you can also backup and restore apps, manage all media and generally do every other thing that iTunes can do.