iTunes Won’t Play Through Bluetooth? Here’s A Fix!

So, you just installed or updated iTunes on your iOS device or Windows PC and now it won’t play through Bluetooth to any device you try it on. Instead, you get the message: one or more devices are using iTunes scripting interface. If this sounds more like the problem you’re facing, I will show you how to fix it instantly. If not, please check out other iTunes issues and their fixes that we have already addressed.

When iTunes won’t play through Bluetooth, it could be because of a wide range of factors. Your Bluetooth speakers or device could be faulty, your windows audio settings could be configured wrongly, or your Bluetooth connectivity could be problematic.

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How to Fix iTunes Won’t Play Through Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones Issue

Any of these solutions could work for you, therefore, don’t hold back when it comes to trying them out. Let’s head straight into it.

  1. Check your Bluetooth Speakers

Before you start troubleshooting your iOS device, you need to check if the Bluetooth speaker or headphone is okay. Unpair it with your iPhone, iPad, or Windows PC first then pair it back and attempt to play some music. You should also change players so that instead of iTunes, try playing music from YouTube or any other music player.

  1. Change your Windows Audio settings

This fix is meant for those who are using iTunes on Windows but can’t get it to play through Bluetooth. Here’s the fix:

  1. Go to iTunes > Edit > Preferences > Playback
  2. Find Play Audio Using and change the dropdown from Windows Audio Session to Direct Sound
  3. Close iTunes and disconnect your Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or device
  4. Restart your Windows PC and reconnect your Bluetooth device
  5. Open iTunes and play any song

Your device should be working now. If it isn’t then go to playback settings on your PC and select the Bluetooth device (whether speaker or headphones) as the default playback device.

  1. Restart your device

To restart your device, you should Press the power button and the volume down if you are using iPhone X, iPhone 8 up to iPhone 6s. For other iPhones including iPhone 6 to iPhone 4s, use the power button and the home button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. You can remove your Bluetooth pairing with the device and then pair it again once you have restarted your iPhone.

For Mac, you need to Press the power button or press Control+Eject. When the dialog box appears, click on the Restart button. You can also choose the Apple key, then click Restart.

Also Pressing Control+Command+Eject or Control+Command+Power button will work just fine.

  1. Update your operating system

An update to the latest iTunes version, OS on your iPhone, or Windows OS can actually solve many problems including the Bluetooth connectivity issue. Latest OS versions are normally free of previous bugs and technical issues. Make sure to update to the latest version of Windows OS, IOS, or iTunes.

Wrapping Up

By now you should be able to play music directly from iTunes to your Bluetooth device. Let us know your experiences and whether the above fixes solved your problems. Your experience is valuable and can help many others facing a similar problem.