How to Move and Organize Icons On Your iPhone Home Screen

A well-organized iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch’s home screen is more like a well-organized closet –you get to find anything you want easily.

While the home screen might not capture the interests of most iOS users, making your iPhone home screen layout captivating and organized can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend before you open a particular app.

Let us see how you can create an iPhone home screen layout by moving and organizing apps without further ado.

Move apps to a new home screen

While you download more apps, iOS will create a new home screen once the former one is full. You can, however, choose to add a home screen of your choice. Once you do this, follow the steps below to move your apps to the new home screen.

  • Tap and hold the app icon of choice to enter the edit mode where the apps shake. You may add another app to the pile by using a second finger.
  • Once you select the apps, drag them towards the left to reveal another home screen. Release the apps here to add them to the new home screen.
  • You may want to rearrange them within the new home screen by simply tapping and dragging them to the desired position.
  • Click on Home button to exit or “Done” on iPhone X (located at the upper right corner of the screen.)

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Create a folder for the Apps on Home Screen

If you hate the clutter on the home screen, the best thing to do is create folders. You can choose categories for your folders, include Games, Social, Money, etc. Once you have determined your categories, follow the steps here to create a folder on iOS and organize your apps,

  • Tap the first app icon until you enter edit mode (Apps shake). Add additional apps using a second finger except for the last app you want to include in the pile.
  • Move the apps on top of the app you left out. This will prompt iOS to create a folder.
  • Release the apps onto the folder.
  • Rename the folder name by tapping on it to enter text mode.
  • Click on home to exit edit mode and click it again to return to the home screen. You may also tap anywhere outside the folder you created.

Add Apps to the New Folder

You now have a collection of apps inside a folder, but let’s say you would like to add more apps, how do you go about it? Follow these steps:

  • Tap and hold the specific app(s) you want to be added to the folder you just created. Use a second finger if you would like to add more apps.
  • Drag the stacked app icons to the left to get to the home screen where the folder is located. Release the apps to add them to the folder.
  • Feel free to add as many apps to your given folders.
  • Tap on the home button to exit edit mode.

How to Rename a Folder on the Home Screen

Renaming a folder on iOS is pretty easy. Simply follow the tips outlined here:

  • Tap on the folder you want to rename to open it.
  • Tap and hold any app icon to enter edit mode. This causes the folder name to appear in text edit mode.
  • You can edit the name by tapping it or you can tap the X button to clear it and start over (You can even use emoji for your new folder name.)
  • Once you have done, click the home button to exit edit mode or tap on “Done” on the iPhone X.

With the tips above, I hope you have managed to organize your iPhone home screen. In addition to that, you may organize the iPhone apps at the bottom or even add effects to your icons.