How to mute someone on FaceTime

Have you ever been on a FaceTime call and wished to mute the other person because the background noise on their end is unbearable, or it’s a group call and you don’t want to listen to what other participants are saying?

Well, you’re not alone. Many people want to know how to mute someone on FaceTime, and unfortunately, the feature isn’t available—yet.

Ways to mute another person on FaceTime

So, how do you mute the other person on FaceTime? It’s simple. Just use the tips and tricks we’ve listed below.

1. Connect earphones/headphones/airpods

To avoid hearing the other person talk on FaceTime, plug in your headphones or connect Airpods to the device you’re using to Facetime and put them away. You’ll only see the video but can’t hear the audio.

If it’s a group call and somebody else (who you want to listen to) starts speaking, simply put the headphones/Airpods in your ear or unplug/disconnect them.

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2. Turn down your device volume

The other way to mute someone on FaceTime is to turn down your device volume to zero whenever they’re speaking. If you’re Facetiming on the web, you should consider using your PC or Mac’s shortcut keys for adjusting volume.

They are:

WindowsFn + F6Fn + F7 Fn + F8

Also, you can mute FaceTime on Windows using the system tray. First right-click the volume icon at the taskbar and click the volume mixer from the pop-up menu. Next, press and drag the volume bar for the speakers and the browser app to the bottom.

To turn down FaceTime volume on iPhone and Android phones, use the external volume buttons.

3. Mute the FaceTime browser tab

Some browsers like Chrome have a feature that enables you to mute the tab hosting your FaceTime call on the web.

Right-click on the tab and click Mute Site from the pop-up menu.

4. Enable the mute switch

Activate the mute switch on your iPhone to mute the ongoing FaceTime call. It’s on the left side of your phone.

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5. Ask them

Lastly, you can ask the person to mute their mic because the background noise on their end is distracting or irritating. Then, they can move to a quieter place and unmute the mic to speak.

How to mute a FaceTime video call

  • Tap the microphone icon on the call window.
  • The other call participant(s) won’t be able to hear any audio from your end but you can hear them.
  • To unmute tap the microphone icon again.

How to pause a FaceTime video during a call

  • Tap on the video camera button on your call window.
  • The other call participant(s) won’t be able to see you but you can see them.
  • However, they can still hear the audio.
  • To restart the video, tap on the video camera button again.

Can you know if you are on mute on FaceTime?

You know you’re on mute if your microphone is crossed. That means the other call participants can’t hear whatever you say. To unmute, tap on the microphone button.

Can you mute another person when you talk?

Yes, you can. Use the tips mentioned above and you won’t hear anything from the other person on the FaceTime call.


What else would you like to know about FaceTime? Ask us in the comments section below and we’ll get you all the answers.

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