NOCABLE Charging Station Makes Wireless Charging Portable

Are you finding charging cables or the round Qi wireless chargers hard to ferry around? Well, NOCABLE wireless charger is definitely your solution to this problem. Not only is it a portable charger, but also charges your iPhone 8 or iPhone X wirelessly.

NOCABLE is designed to be simple, highly portable, and powerful. It looks and feels more like a normal power bank with the only difference being that it is designed for Qi wireless charging.

wireless charging nocable iphone 7

It has a high charging speed and a large charging capacity to charge your iPhone fast and conveniently. While the iPhone 8 and X are powerful devices, you always have to consider the speed at which the battery drains.

This means that without a portable charger, you have to restrain yourself from using these devices optimally. NOCABLE is available to eliminate any worries you may have about recharging your phone on-the-go.

Of course there is the concern of your iPhone bouncing off the charger when charging while travelling. However, this is easily solved by the availability to two USB ports that you can plug in to charge when needed. These ports can also be used for dual charging, meaning that you can charge three devices at once.

wireless charger nocable

The charger itself is made from premium material with a beautiful design and an LCD screen to indicate the charge percentage. You will now easily tell whether this portable charger needs recharging long before it runs out of power.

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NOCABLE boasts of being better than conventional chargers. It provides 2 complete charging cycles for the iPhone 8 and 1.5 charging cycles for iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. It is also claimed that your iPhone 8 will have full charge in 3 hours while your iPhone X will be full in 4 hours when using wireless charging while cable charging will take you 1.5 hours on iPhone 6, 7, and 8, while it takes you 2 hours in iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, and X.

Wireless Charging portable iPhone 8

If you are always on the road, a power bank is necessary to keep your iPhone charged always. However, most of the time, you might find yourself with a power bank but without a cable and that is where NOCABLE comes in. It makes Qi wireless charging portable, which increases convenience. You can find this device and its pricing on Indiegogo using the link provided below.

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