How to nominate someone on the Clubhouse app

Clubhouse is a fully audio-based social media platform. It provides users with the opportunity to discuss various topics with other users around the world. Usually, a user creates a room and decides the topic to discuss in that room. You can browse the different rooms and join one that’s discussing your subject of interest.

But, before you join any room, you must be a Clubhouse community member, and, currently, the app is an invitation-only platform. So, how do you nominate someone to a Clubhouse? Let’s find out.

How to join Clubhouse

There’re two ways to join Clubhouse. First, you must find a user and ask them to nominate or invite you. Second, download the app and join a waiting list. After you’ve been admitted, you can proceed to invite more than one person to Clubhouse.

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How to invite someone to Clubhouse

  • Launch the Clubhouse app on your device.
  • Tap on the mail icon in the top navigation bar.
  • Grant the app the necessary permissions if you’re prompted to.
  • You’ll see the number of invites available. Usually, a new user gets two invites at first and adds more when participating in Clubhouse events and conversations.
  • Next, you’ll be shown a list of all the contacts on your device.
  • Scroll through the contact list until you find the one you want to invite, or simply enter their name in the search bar at the top.
  • Tap on the invite icon next to the contact.

If the contact had already downloaded the app and was on the waiting list, they can accept your invitation and sign up. If they haven’t downloaded the app, you’ll be prompted to send the invitation through a messaging platform.

Immediately after the person accepts your invitation, you’ll receive a notification in your Clubhouse app. You will be shown their profile as the user who nominated them to join Clubhouse.

To see your pending invitations:

  • Tap on the mail icon
  • Select “See Pending Invites.”
  • Tap on “Send Reminder” next to the contact.

NOTE: Initially, Clubhouse was only available for iPhone and iPod Touch. However, it’s now available for Android users too.

Terms used in Clubhouse

Backchannel on Clubhouse

Here are some of the common terms used in Clubhouse and their meaning.

1. Room

This is the place where conversations take place.

  • Open Room: It’s a public room that any user can join.
  • Closed room: A private room for the selected users only.
  • Social room: A room created by a user for their followers. Whoever is added to this room can also join with their followers.

2. Stage

This is where the people conversing in a room are displayed, from the moderator to the speakers.

  • Moderator: The user who creates a room in Clubhouse. They decide the topic of discussion, steer the conversation, and add and remove speakers.
  • Speaker: This is any user in the room who can talk.
  • Listener: This is any user who joins the room and listens to the conversation. They are usually mute by default but can tap the hand icon to ask a question. The moderator can invite them on the stage to be speakers.

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3. Leave quietly

Tap on this icon after you’re done listening to a conversation and want to leave the room.

4. Club

Users with a common interest. You can follow clubs that you’re interested in to see calendar events. You can’t ask the club to join, but they can send you an invite.

To follow other users and clubs, follow this guide:

  • Launch your Clubhouse app.
  • Go to the top-left corner and tap on the magnifying glass icon.
  • This allows you to search for a person or category or pick the ones on the list.
  • When you tap on a topic, it opens other subtopics.
  • Tap the “Follow” button next to a user or club you wish to follow.


These are the most common questions about Clubhouse:

What does it mean to nominate someone on Clubhouse?

It means to invite a contact on your phone to join Clubhouse. They can accept your invite and sign up to start using the App or even decline. Your name will be appear on their profile as the person who nominated them.

How many invites do you get on Clubhouse?

Initially, you’ll get two invites to nominate friends and family members on Clubhouse. But, as you continue to use the app and participate in discussions, you receive more invites. The app usually sends an in-app notification when your number of invites grows.

You should use your invites on people interested in joining the platform because you can’t get them back after you tap on “Sent.”

How do you add someone to your Clubhouse?

To add a friend or family to your Clubhouse, you must send them an invitation, and they have to accept it. Ensure to save the person’s number in your contact list,

Can you remove the “nominated by” badge on Clubhouse?

If you don’t want people to see the user that invited you to Clubhouse, contact Clubhouse support and give them a valid reason why you want the badge removed from your profile. That’s the only way to remove the “nominated by” badge. So, it depends on whether your reason is convincing enough.


That’s how to nominate someone on the Clubhouse app. So far, it’s working effectively as the numbers grow steadily—one invite at a time. So, if you feel bored with the app, invite people in your contact list to join rooms together or even create your own.