Omegle error connecting to server: How to fix

One of the most dreadful messages Omegle users hate to see is “Error connecting to server. Please try again.” This error completely locks you out of the Omegle experience.

To understand what causes the error and how to fix it, we must first understand how Omegle works.  Omegle is a free messaging website that pairs users for a one-on-one conversation without having to register.

The app offers anonymity to users by pairing them randomly, allowing users to have random names, and offering secret conversation features.

What causes the Omegle “error connecting to the server” bug


Since Omegle is cloud-based, it requires an active internet connection for users to access it. With that, a few factors might result in this error.

Here are the common causes of this error.

1. Blacklisting or IP suspension

The most common reason for the “error connecting to server” message appears is either Omegle has blacklisted or suspended your IP address.

Omegle privacy policy violations can immediately earn you a suspension. This means you cannot connect to the server and you will experience this technical error. Violations could include the use of foul language or hate speech.

Other users can report such violations which in time may lead to blacklisting or a ban.

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2. Poorly configured browser or network settings

The Omegle experience is browser-based for most users. This needs one to properly configure their browser for the best experience.

Start by allowing cookies from the website and optimizing the settings to allow the website to get access to your audio and video resources. Allowing microphones and webcams is necessary.

3. Internet Service Provider restrictions

There are instances where ISPs may restrict access to the Omegle website. When using the internet in areas such as public Wi-Fi or work networks, restrictions might be in place.

Make sure your internet service provider has whitelisted Omegle.

4. Omegle Server downtime

Depending on the number of users accessing the service, Omegle may experience some server downtime. This type of error is beyond your control and all you have to do is wait it out.

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How to fix Omegle server errors

Having identified the main causes for the server error we can now have a look at a few fixes. When solving this bug, you might need to apply one or more of the fixes provided to solve your error.

The quickest fixes to this error are listed below:

1. Check your internet connection

The first check you need to make is whether you have an active internet connection. Before you get all worked with Omegle services, ensure the problem is not from your end.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Check to see if you have a stable internet connection. Also do not forget to ensure your internet service provider has not blocked the Omegle website. Go to your network settings to ensure your internet is up.

2. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs are a safe and secure way to protect your online identity. It is particularly useful when accessing social networks such as Omegle.

The virtual Private Network can also allow you to change your location and bypass any restrictions Omegle might have on your location. In the event, Omegle can’t connect to the server on Android VPN, you may have to change the VPN service provider.

3. Clear your browser’s cache

Cache files are temporary files saved on your browser that facilitate quick access to websites.

Clear Browser Cache

As much as cache files are useful, they may also block you from accessing familiar websites. The files may also get corrupted. Try and clear the browser cache on your browser setting.

4. Use an alternative device

If the above fixes are not cutting it for you, it might be time to change your device. Try accessing the website on a different computer or phone.

This is a good way of identifying where the problem is originating from.

5. Reboot your internet router

The final tip for you is to reboot your internet router. Rebooting your router resets your IP addresses and fixes any issues on your network. Once your reboot your router, open a fresh tab and try accessing the page.

To easily fix your Omegle server error, ensure you follow the steps above and understand the error you are facing first. Once you have a picture of the error you can apply any of the fixes simply.