How To Open An Opus File On Your iPhone

The new version of WhatsApp has come with various changes, one being the switch to opus audio files. If you have recently backed up your WhatsApp audio files, you might have been surprised to find an opus file and even found it hard to open it. Worry no more, in this article you will learn how to open an Opus file on your PC and on the iPhone.

What is an Opus file?

An opus file is a lossy audio file format created in the format of OPUS (Ogg Opus). It was created by the Internet Engineering Task Force with the intention of supporting and simplifying internet streaming for users. MP3 and MP4 as the most common audio file formats, but not ideal for online communication. OPUS has been developed specifically for streaming.

The biggest advantages of OPUS are multichannel sound, low coding delay and high compression levels and the fact that OPUS files combine CELT codec from Xiph.Org and SILK codec used by Skype.

Opening an OPUS file should not be complicated to anyone as it can be open with a number of methods on PC and phone.

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How to open OPUS file on PC

There are different ways of opening an Opus file in PC. You can either convert it to a file format that is recognizable by your media player, or you can download a media player that supports Opus files.

Converting OPUS file to MP3, MP4 or WAV

First method is to use an OPUS file converter to mp3. There are a number of converters on the internet such as Faasoft Opus to MP3 Converter.

  • Download and launch Faasoft Opus to MP3 Converter
  • Load the OPUS audio file to the converter by dragging the file and dropping it at the main interface of Faasoft Opus to MP3 Converter.
  • Click profile and select MP3 MPEG Layer-3 Audio as the output format from the general audio
  • Click the convert button to start the conversion and it will be done in less than a minute

NB: IF you care about the quality of output you should select from ‘Lossless Audio’ category as there are many formats to choose from on the “General Audio” category.

Use software that will open or convert OPUS files

There are a number of software programs you can launch on your PC that are capable of opening OPUS files. These software programs include:

  • VLC Media Player
  • Winamp
  • Foobar2000
  • Zoom Player
  • K-Lite Codec Pack
  • Zoom Player
  • AIMP
  • MediaInfo Player
  • Windows Media Player
  • MPC-HC Player

Any one of these software programs will open or convert your OPUS file.

How to open OPUS file on iPhone

The simplest way to open Opus file on iPhone is by using software like WonderShare video converter ultimate. The process itself is simple and won’t take a lot of time. There are many audio conversion software on iTunes for the iPhone or iPad that allow you to easily convert opus files to a preferred output.

How to open a WhatsApp OPUS file using WhatsApp Pocket

When the new version of WhatsApp messenger started using OPUS as an audio file format, many users wanted to know how to open a WhatsApp OPUS file on PC. If you own WhatsApp pocket, you can convert opus files in the following way:

  • Export the audio file to you PC by using WhatsApp pocket and clicking the resource section and select all the OPUS files and then click save.
  • Either use the above programs on your PC to open the OPUS file or just convert it to MP3 with the method above.

After following the instruction on one of the above method, you are guaranteed that your OPUS file will definitely be converted and will open.


By now you should be able to open an Opus file and listen to the audio. You can also check out more WhatsApp tutorials and music apps reviews in the apps section.