How to Play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage

In the mood to play some competitive pool with friends on iMessage but you just don’t know where to start?  Then you’re in the right place because, in this article we detail how to download and install 8 ball pool on iMessage. Additionally, we will throw in some cool tips and tricks to get you a notch above everyone else you’re playing with.

To play 8 ball pool on iMessage, you need to download and install GamePigeon, which is one of the hottest iMessage apps out right now, and for a good reason. GamePigeon offers an inventory of 14 fun arcade-style games, with 8 ball pool being one of them. Since iMessage apps don’t install like regular App Store apps, we will walk you through the process.

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How to install 8-ball pool in iMessage

To install 8–ball pool on your iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Open iMessage and start a new thread or open an active one.
  2. Tap the small ‘>’ icon next to your keyboard
  3. Tap on the App Store icon which is next to the message box
  4. Tap on the App Drawer (an icon made up of a group of four small dots) in the resulting menu
  5. In the resulting page, it displays the list of all iMessage apps you have installed. Assuming that GamePigeon isn’t among them, for obvious reasons, tap on the + sign labeled ‘Store’
  6. Tap on the search icon and type ‘GamePigeon.’ It features a game controller icon.
  7. It is a free download so just tap on ‘Get’ to add it to your iMessage.

To play 8 Ball Pool, simply open the App Drawer by following the above 4 steps and launch GamePigeon. Choose 8-Ball and you’re ready to go.

After making your shot, tap the little V-shaped icon on the top right to resize the gameplay screen and you can send it just like you do a text message. Your friend will then receive a notification and make his play in the same way.

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8-ball pool rules

8-ball pool on iMessage follows the same rules of regular 8-ball pool. One player has to pocket a group of balls numbered 1 through 7 of solid colors while the other pockets balls numbered 9 through 15 of striped colors. An indicator on screen will display if you are stripes or solids

To win in 8-ball pool in iMessage, you need to be the first player to pocket his group of balls first and then legally pocket the 8-ball. However, prematurely pocketing the 8-ball before clearing your group of balls results in a loss.

Tips for playing 8-ball pool

To gain an edge over your friends in 8-ball pool, the following tips and tricks might come in handy:

  1. Power isn’t everything: 8-ball pool is a game of finesse and sometimes, a light touch is all that’s needed.
  2. Learn how to use English: In this case, English refers to putting a spin on your cue ball when taking a shot. This technique is especially useful to sink some tricky shots near the pockets or when breaking.
  3. Extend your aim lines: Keep with you a small piece of paper such as post-it notes with a straight edge. You can use this piece to extend the aim lined from your target ball to ensure you sink your shots. But remember to keep an eye on that timer to make sure it’s still your turn.

Hopefully, this guide on how to play 8-ball pool on iMessage marks the first step in your road to a pool-grandmaster. Remember to check out our other gaming guides for all your gaming needs.

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