How to play Battleship on iPhone

Battleship is a two-player game in which the players try to sink their opponent’s ships. An opposing player identifies the positions of the opponent’s ships by guessing. The game was first played on ruled grids (on paper or board).

Currently, Battleship is also available on iPhone. In this game, you arrange your ships, guess your opponent’s ships and shoot them.

How to play Battleship on iMessage

To play Battleship on your iPhone, here are the steps to follow.

  • Open iMessage
  • Select the iMessage contact you want to play against
  • Tap on A; the App Store button.
  • Tap on Play at the bottom of message
  • Choose the game type and grid
  • Arrange your ships on the grid and tap on Play
  • Send your message

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Battleship tips and cheats

There are some things you can do to increase your chances of winning in Battleship. Since this game is about sinking your opponent’s ships, you need to know;

  • How hide your ships better
  • Strategically guessing the positions of your opponent’s ship

How to hide your ships better

  1. Avoid the most-guessed positions like columns 1, 5 and 10. Furthermore, avoid the places you can easily say, such as, B2, J9, E3, I9
  2. Put your ships in the harder to say locations. Such places include H8, I2, F6, C7, etc.
  3. Place your ships mostly in vertical locations. This way, your ships will be less hit. If you place your ships horizontally, they take up more space over more columns. Therefore, it becomes easy for your opponent to find them.
  4. Ensure your ships are kept in closer-knit groups. If your opponents sink a ship at a location, chances are that their next guesses will be a further location. If your ships are close together their shots won’t hit your ships. However, when putting your ships closer, ensure that their squares are not touching horizontally or vertically. Otherwise, your opponent might start destroying the second ship when they guess other closer squares after the first hit.
  5. Leave some empty space. Placing your ships in closer-knit groups as in 4 above will help you achieve this. Your opponent will be guessing the spots in the empty space. Therefore, the chances of your ships being hit will be minimal.

Note: Only keep one (at most two) smaller ships horizontal so that your opponent doesn’t realize your technique. Switch to more horizontal positions and a few vertical ones if your opponent seems to catch on your trick. Switch back again after a while.

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How to strategically Guess Your Opponent’s Ship Placement

  1. Guess the locations that we have advised you not to place your ships.
  2. You should guess mostly in horizontal patterns with only a few verticals.
  3. Guess sporadically. Your opponent is most likely to place their ships evenly across their board. So, guessing sporadically might increase your chances of hitting them.
  4. Look for patterns like shapes and layers; your opponents will make such patterns in most cases.
  5. Guess middle locations.


We hope you now know how to play Battleship on iPhone. Let us know if you have any question about the same.