Playcast: Play Games On iPhone, iPad, Or IPod Using PS4 Controller Remote Play Feature

PlayCast is an easy-to-use application that allows you to play PS4 games via your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. To use PlayCast, you need to connect your game controller to the app via remote play, and in turn, your iOS device connects to the PS4 either via intranet or the internet. This means that you can play PS4 games even when you are not at home.

How to Connect PS4 to PlayCast

First of all, you need to download PlayCast and install it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. PlayCast is available on the Apple AppleStore through this link, where it goes for about $9.99. It is installed normally, just like any other application. You don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device for you to install it.

Once installed, find a game controller that is compatible with the PS4. By using remote play, PlayCast will show that the controller is connected. Afterwards, it will automatically connect to the PS4, even if it is in sleep mode. This is after the settings have been entered. Below is a guide to help you connect PS4 to PlayCast.

  • Download the app here and install if you hadn’t done it.
  • Open PlayCast
  • Go to settings, tap Register PS4
  • Enter PlayStation ID (PSID), which is same as the username
  • Power on your PS4
  • Go to remote play connection settings
  • Select Add Device
  • Copy the code that appears
  • Enter it on the iPhone, iPod, or iPad’s PlayCast registration page
  • Hit Register
  • Tap Play

By now you have just managed to set up the remote play connection between your PS4 and the PlayCast app on your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. Once this section is done, you can tap on the question mark icon to find more instructions. Connections to the PS4 can either be done over the internet or a local network.

Customizing PlayCast for Connecting iPad to PS4

There are a couple of settings that you can change to suit your playing experience. One such setting is the local network, where you can change it to the internet, that is if you are away from home and would like to play PS4 games on your iOS 9 or 10 device. You can also change the screen resolution from 360p to 540p or 720p. 720p is the clearest of them, but you won’t avoid occasional lags while gaming, especially in fast paced racing or action games.

You can change the frames per second to 30fps or 60fps. 60fps gives a smooth gaming experience but the recording feature won’t work here.  You can also select the aspect ratio or zoom the display. Zooming, however, will look nasty due to the difference in rendering between your iPad, iPod, or iPhone and the PS4. Another important setting is that you can choose to display the On Screen Controller or remove it, assign keys to special functions, and customize the location of buttons. The good thing about PlayCast is that it has an option to Pause PlayCast on interruption, hence you won’t lose your game progress went your internet connection goes down.

Once you have finished inputting the settings, you can now tap the PlayCast home button and then tap Play. The other thing that you need to consider is that if your internet connection supports 5Ghz, then it’s better to set it at this speed as it will perform fluidly.

Can You Connect DS4 Controllers on PlayCast?

Yes, you can connect DS4 controllers on PlayCast, the only problem is that you have to use one username for a controller and the other for the game. However, Play Cast is still new and we expect later updates to fix such problems.


PlayCast is not free but worth having it. The app allows to transform your iPad, iPod, or iPhone into a gaming hub. We haven’t tried it yet on Apple TV, but that can work too. Although it is not available on Jailbreak, you’ll get updated here first when its jailbreak is developed.

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