How to Put Audiobooks on iPhone

Transferring audiobooks you bought on mainstream platforms like Audibles and iTunes is easy. The platforms have straightforward provisioning for such transfers. What happens when you want to put free or third-party audiobooks on your device? How should you go about it?

The procedure you use when using iTunes is simple. You first have to download the audiobook you want from iTunes. After this, connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.

  • Wait for iTunes to recognize your phone before tapping on the iPhone icon on your iTunes.
  • Click the Audiobooks options in the settings menu below
  • Click on Sync Audiobooks and select the audiobooks you want to send to your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap the apply button to begin transferring the audiobook to your iDevice

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Branding Audio Files as Audiobooks

itunes change audio file to audiobookIf you imported your audiobooks from a CD or have them in audio format, the chances are that iTunes identifies them as music. You can change this with simple settings edits before using the above procedure to put the audiobooks on your iPhone.

  • Select the audio files that are audiobooks in your iTunes menu
  • Press Command+I
  • In the popup menu, select the options tab and look for the ‘Media Kind’ dropdown
  • Select the Audiobook option and click OK

After this, the files will appear in your audiobooks section of iTunes, and you can manage them together with the rest of the books.

Using Third-Party Software

If the above procedures aren’t applicable, you will have to use a third-party file manager that supports audiobook organization and migration. You can try pieces like ChapterMark, AudioBuilder, or Audiobook Binder.

This will only be necessary if you do not have the Audiobooks in the right continuous format or in an appropriate format that iTunes can explicitly identify as an audiobook after scanning it.