How to Put MP4 on iPhone

The iPhone screen resolution is phenomenal. This makes it the perfect platform for viewing videos and movies while on the go. But how do you put MP4 files, the most popular video formats out there, on your iPhone? Well. You have multiple options at your disposal.

We are going to exploit a couple, starting with the native iTunes approach before touching on other file managers that even let you transfer the MP4 video file to your iPhone without using a USB cable.

How to Put .MP4 on iPhone Using iTunes

iTunes is the Apple Swiss knife, an answer to most of your iPhone questions. It will do almost anything, from managing your playlist to activating your new iPhone on a dime. All you need is a USB cable to get started. The following procedure will put the .mp4 files into your iPhone

  • Connect the phone to your computer using the USB cable and launch iTunes
  • On iTunes, select the ‘Files’ option on the top left corner, select ‘Add File to Library’ and select the files you want to add before clicking on ‘Open’
  • Look for the device icon and Tap on ‘Movies’ in the Settings section of iTunes (found on the sidebar).
  • Check Sync Movies and select the items you want to send to iPhone before clicking apply

Using Third-Party File Managers

If you don’t want to use iTunes or if you don’t have a USB cable, you can try out third-party file sharing applications that do what iTunes does better. Most third-party file managers will go beyond just copying and enter the realm of data recovery, backup, and restoration.

You can choose one from our list of reviewed file transfer apps compatible with your iDevice.

  1. AirMore File Transfer App
  2. AirDrop Bluetooth Transfer
  3. AirBlue Sharing

If you want to copy videos in unsupported file formats like WMA, you might have trouble doing it on iTunes. Third-party apps will offer seamless file conversions hence letting you put those videos on your iPhone with greater ease.