How to record audio from an iPhone to a Mac?

You can easily record audio from an iPhone to Mac, as long as your iOS is upgraded to the latest version.

Depending on your preferences, you can do it through Bluetooth or AirPlay. We’ve explained how you can do it using both methods.

How to record iPhone audio on Mac

You need a Lightning or USB cable to play audio on your iPhone. It may have come with the phone for charging and syncing purposes. Next, connect your iPhone to your Mac using this cable and launch Audio Mini Setup on your Mac.

The Audio Mini Setup is on the Applications option, and then click on Utilities. If you cannot see your iPhone listed in the left side menu bar, go to Window and then click on Show iOS Device Browser.

Next, select your iPhone on the device list on the left side of the screen and then choose the Enable option. Your iPhone will appear as a new input source in the Sound Preference.

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When you play audio through this device, it will play through your device through your speakers, headphones, or other selected audio device on your MacBook.

It is easy to record audio on your iPhone in a podcast without exporting it first. The only problem is that phone calls cannot play out, so you cannot use this to record conversations.

How to connect Bluetooth sound from iPhone to Mac

You can use iTunes to connect your iPhone to Mac so that sound comes from the Mac. The two need to be close together for you to connect them. Here are the steps you need to follow on your iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap General.
  • Next, tap on Bluetooth and turn on the toggle next to Bluetooth.

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Follow these steps to activate Bluetooth connectivity on your Mac:

  • Click on Bluetooth on the menu bar on the upper right side of the screen. You can also click on the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Click on System Preferences and Bluetooth, and the screen will show a list of Bluetooth items you can connect to.
  • Click the image or icon of your iPhone, and you will get a connection request from the smartphone.
  • Click on Connect to make the connection.
  • Remember that your Mac and iPhone may require a confirmation code the first time you attempt to connect. Follow the instructions and enter the code as sent to you.

Sometimes, you may experience connectivity issues with your iPhone and Mac. However, that is temporary, and they will eventually connect.

How to connect Mac as a speaker

If you would like to use Mac as a speaker for your iPhone, you can do so using the following procedure:

  • On the Apple device you are using, open any audio or video apps like Podcasts or Music, then choose the media you want to play.
  • Click the AirPlay button, with circles and a triangle or a rectangle and a triangle icon, depending on the app, then select your Mac as your playback destination.
  • You will have to enter a four-digit code on your Mac. Then, when your Mac is connected, the icon will appear on the menu bar. You can pause, skip or play iPhone audio to MacBook air.