How to Remove 0.00 From Your iOS Messaging App

If you are still using iOS 9, you may have encountered a weird problem where a value of 0.00 appears in the text box section of iMessage. This value doesn’t appear to go away while you are texting and may be distracting if not annoying. If you are encountering such a problem with 0.00, then the following fix will work out perfectly for you:

  • Open the settings app on your iPad or iPhone
  • Go to Messages
  • Find the character count
  • Turn it ON
  • Open your messages app
  • The error should be gone

This solution works perfectly across many devices that are running on iOS 9 since this problem only seems to be related to that particular version of iOS. However, this solution will work even if the problem occurs on other versions of iOS.

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To prevent this issue from happening again, Apple provided a fix in iOS 9.1. It is therefore advisable that you update your iOS version to prevent such a problem from destroying your texting experience. Here is how to update to the latest version of iOS:

  • Plug your device to power
  • Connect to the internet through Wi-Fi
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap General > Software Update
  • Tap Download and Install
  • Tap Update Now or Install
  • Enter your passcode

Your current version of iOS should start upgrading to the newest version. If you have no time to wait for the update to complete, simply select Install Tonight. With this option on, your iPhone or iPad will start download the newest version of iOS, but it will not install until at night. When you are ready to sleep, just plug in your iPhone or iPad to power and it will update to the latest version of iOS automatically.

If you have an alternate solution to the 0.00 appearing on your texting app on the iPhone or iPad, then leave your comments below.