How to remove metadata from Word on Mac or Windows

Metadata refers to information stored alongside your data. It is data about data. Essentially, this data is stored to help computers perform their functions about the given data or files better. Metadata can also be helpful to us. For example, metadata in documents would include:

  • The date and time in which the document was created
  • The author of the document
  • The title of the document
  • The subject of the document
  • The number of pages in the document
  • The language of the text, etc.

Electronic devices use such information to store data in order and this makes it easy to retrieve your documents.

On the negative side, metadata may also reveal details which the user wouldn’t want to share, such as total time spent working on the document. This calls for the need to remove such metadata. This guide will help you remove metadata from word documents on Mac and Windows.

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Steps to follow to remove metadata from Word on Mac.

Method 1:

  1. Open the file that you would want to remove metadata from
  2. Click on the Tools tab
  3. Scroll down to Protect document option and click on it
  4. In the Protect document window, look up for Privacy section
  5. Check the box for Remove personal information from this file on save then click OK.
  6. Finish working on the document then click on Save.
  7. Once you have saved your file and activated the Remove personal information from this file on save the setting, your file will not include the information identifiable and associated with it.

Method 2:

  1. Open the word document
  2. On the toolbar, click on Word
  3. Scroll down to preferences then click on it
  4. Under personal settings click on security
  5. Check the box for Remove personal information from this file on save
  6. Click OK to save the changes
  7. Save the document.

However, if you edit or add your name elsewhere in the file or in a specific comment, that information will not be removed by this procedure. You will have to remove that information manually.

If you want to maintain a certain level of privacy, you can remove or edit any of the contact and author information that is stored with your document. That author and contact information that you will specify appears in all your documents automatically. This includes even those documents that you share with other people; unless you remove the personal information.

To make changes on personal information;

  1. On the Word menu, click preferences
  2. Under personal settings click on user information
  3. Make the changes you wish to.

The procedure for removing metadata on Windows.

  1. Open the document you want to remove metadata from
  2. Select the file Menu tab
  3. Click on info
  4. Select check for issues
  5. Go to Inspect document and click
  6. In the Document Inspector dialog box, check the boxes with the metadata you want to remove
  7. Click on Inspect
  8. In the results shown, select Remove All to remove any data found.

Note: The personal information you update in one office application will automatically be updated to all other office applications.

Following the above steps will help you remove metadata from the documents as you desire. Only the information you choose to be included will.

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