How to remove music from lock screen iO

It is infuriating trying to access your device applications or dial pad only to be greeted by a stubborn music player in your iPad or iPhone. This article will give you a systematic guide to solving this problem.

What causes it?

The Music player could be stuck in the home screen due to a video played from your Safari app or your YouTube app or any other media playing app that is running in the background.

  • Open the Music app
  • Double click the home button (swipe up from the bottom in iPhone x) this should show the background running apps
  • Go to the Music player application from the list
  • Swipe up on the Music Player application. This should close it in your app switcher.

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Here’s a guide to remove music from the lockscreen

Follow this guide to remove music from the iOS lockscreen:

Shutting down all applications

Shutting down all applications means your phone processes; both front and background will be forcibly halted. This works especially if the music player is running due to the media player, YouTube, or Safari video you may have opened.

  • Double tap your home button
  • A list of all the applications will appear.
  • Systematically shut each application one by one
  • When your app drawer is entirely devoid of running apps

Closing tabs in Safari app

As earlier stated, videos from your browsing endeavors may be the source of your problem. The logical solution is to close your browser subsequently shutting down your player.

  • Go to your Safari browser
  • Click on the bottom right corner to open all the tabs
  • Click on the top right corner with the X
  • In case you were browsing privately, click on the bottom left-hand corner. This should open the browsers on the tab and follow the process above again.

In case you have the problem of music widget on your screen doesn’t worry eliminating the problem takes a few seconds. If all these fail, you can opt to restart your device.

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