How to Save WhatsApp Chat History When Changing Your iPhone

If you’ve just bought a new iPhone and you are shifting your apps and data, you might have noticed that your WhatsApp data hasn’t been transferred. If you wish to transfer your WhatsApp conversations to your new iPhone, I will show you how to do it in this post.

Why WhatsApp Data Isn’t Stored Online

You may have noticed that when using apps such as Messenger and Skype, your data is stored online and you don’t need to download or backup. However, WhatsApp uses a different communication technology that tends to store messages on a local computer rather than online. Therefore, before you delete any messages from your old phone, it is important to learn how to backup WhatsApp chats and how to save WhatsApp chat history when changing an iPhone.

When saving your WhatsApp chats, there are two options you can use. An iCloud backup or an iTunes backup.

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages on iCloud

  • If you wish to backup your WhatsApp chats to iCloud, follow these steps:
  • Open setting from your iPhone
  • Tap your account profile name that contains your id and iCloud
  • Select iCloud
  • Scroll down the list to iCloud drive and toggle it on
  • Also turn on iCloud drive access for WhatsApp

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to restore WhatsApp messages from iCloud.

How to backup Whatsapp Messages Manually

  • Open WhatsApp and tap on the settings tab at the lower right corner
  • Click chats
  • Select chat back up
  • You can turn on include videos on your back up if you’d like to or leave it off if you don’t
  • From this screen, you can also turn on auto back and set it to either daily, weekly or monthly backup or off if you do not want a regular auto backup.
  • To manually back up, tap on the ‘back up now button’ and your phone will automatically prepare and back up your data.

How to Save WhatsApp Chat History on PC

You can save WhatsApp chats on your PC as single chats or all chats.

Saving single chats on WhatsApp

You can save single chats to pc by emailing them. To email single chats:

  • Go to WhatsApp and select the person or the chat you want to email
  • Open the chat and tap on the contact name
  • You will be taken to another screen, scroll down to email chat
  • Either select attach media or without media
  • Enter the email you want to send to then select send

How to Save All Chats on WhatsApp Using iTunes

You can export all chats and either save them to iCloud or your pc or mac for this you will require to;

  • Open iTunes from your mac
  • connect your iPhone using a lightning cable
  • Select back up on the iTunes menu. For this, you can either select iCloud or on this computer. Make sure to uncheck the encrypt iPhone backup so that you can open it from the computer easily

How to Restore WhatsApp Chats on Your New iPhone

When you install or change phones, you can now restore your chats by going to the newly installed WhatsApp application. When you tap on the new application, you will be prompted to enter your phone number. Once you’ve entered and confirmed it, the next screen will prompt you to restore chats. Select the restore option and enter your name.


You’ve now managed copying WhatsApp messages to a new iPhone. You can now access your messages and media right from the new phone. If you encounter any other issues with WhatsApp, let me know in the comments below.