Saving Webpages on Mac [With Picture Steps]

Most people want to become internet ninjas. However, the path towards owning that title is treacherous and challenging. After all, the internet is wide and you will probably be an expert in only a few areas.

One of the simple tricks one has to learn when acquiring internet ninja skills is saving webpages on Mac. This process can take different forms. You can save a webpage as a PDF, Bookmark it, copy the text on the page, take a screenshot, or save the page as an HTML file on your computer.

Saving a Webpage as PDF on Mac

Converting a webpage into a PDF file is the most common way people use to save internet pages and articles. The reasons for converting and saving webpages as PDFs include:

  • Easy archiving
  • For easy sharing
  • Quick retrieving and reading on any device; iPhone, iMac, or MacBook Pro

You can use many apps to convert a webpage into a PDF file. However, this post covers the steps to use on Safari browser. In other words, using Safari as a free Webpage to PDF converter on Mac. That is the case because of the browser’s built-in Save as PDF feature.

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Steps for saving PDFs from Webpages

  • Launch Safari and open the webpage you want to save as a PDF. In this case I searched “Hey Siri Not Working Solutions
  • Once the page loads, go ahead and click on the Reader mode icon found in the URL field.
  • When the page is in reader mode, hover your mouse over the page towards the bottom to bring up the print option.
  • Choose the “Print this page” option.
  • On the Print pop up window that appears, choose a PDF option you prefer then click on “OK”
  • Go ahead and save the PDF on your preferred location on your Mac.

Here are the screenshots to show you a visual representation of the steps.

Step1 – Search for webpage
Step 2 – Turn on Reader mode
Step 3: Hover over page to show Print option
Step 4 – Choose PDF option
Step 5 – Click OK

Comment below to let us know if you managed to convert a web page into a PDF on your MacBook Pro while using Safari.