How to send GarageBand files from Mac, iOS, Windows

GarageBand is a line of digital audio workstations for Apple devices in which users are allowed to create music or podcasts. The software’s ability to create music and podcasts makes it possible for users to create multiple tracks.

Besides, it comes with pre-made settings that are helpful to those making music for fun or who want to create something quickly. However, if you’ve already created something, you might be wondering how to send GarageBand files.

Sharing GarageBand files

After creating your song in GarageBand, you may now want to share it. But, in its initial state, your file can only be played within GarageBand. For it to play in common audio apps, you need to export it. This guide will show you how.

There are a number of sharing options under the Share menu. To access them:

  • Run GarageBand
  • Go to share and click on it.

Share garageband

This is where you will find the sharing options. Let’s look at them below.

1. Exporting to iTunes

The first option is to move a GarageBand song to iTunes. This option allows you to export your song to your iTunes library. It also opens a window where you can enter the details of the song as you want them to appear in your iTunes library, iPod, or any device that can play the file.

Here is what to do.

  • Modify the title: By default, GarageBand names the song starting with the name of the file, then the date and time. You can modify the title to anything you like and add any information you want.
  • Choose the quality of your file: You will find this option in the Quality menu. A higher quality results to a larger the file size. You can also choose uncompressed for an AIF file, but that also increases the file size significantly.
  • Click export to iTunes: Once the song is in iTunes, you can listen to it from there, sync it to your iPod, or do anything else you can do with other songs in your iTunes Library.

2. Creating a ringtone

This is the next option under the Share menu. This option is only for creating a ringtone for your phone. Ringtones have to be 40 seconds or less.

It will be exported in the .mr4 format, which is used for iPhone ringtones. You’ll need to set it as a ringtone for you to hear it when a call is made.

3. Sharing with other apps

Song to media browser is the next option. This option will generate a single audio file version of your song, like when you export to iTunes.

However, this version of your song will appear in the Media Browsers of other Apple apps such as iMovie. Therefore, you will be able to use your song in projects you create in those apps.

4. Sharing online with SoundCloud

You can also share with SoundCloud. This is possible through the SoundCloud sharing option. SoundCloud is a free online service for sharing audio files. Just create a SoundCloud account, then you’ll login to it from GarageBand when you select this option.

You can then upload your file to Sound Cloud. To share with friends, you have to send GarageBand files via a link so that they can listen to your song online.


5. AirDrop

The AirDrop option is for sending your project to another Mac on your network. You can use this option to share your song to someone with Mac on your network.

You can also send your project to another Mac on the network to continue working on it from there.

6. Mail

This option lets you export your file from GarageBand and attach it to an email message. Here is how.

  • In the Mail window check the song
  • Select the quality of the project.
  • Click Share
  • GarageBand will process the song and a new Mail message will open with your song file attached.
  • Enter your recipient’s email address
  • Type a subject line and a message
  • Click on the send

7. Burn an old-fashioned CD

The Burn to CD option is only available if you have a recordable CD in your Mac’s optical drive.

You can then burn a CD containing your song so that can be played in a standard CD player.

8. Export song to disk

This is like exporting to iTunes, except that you will be just saving the file elsewhere on your computer. Here is what to do

  • Title your file
  • Pick a place to save it
  • Choose a quality level
  • Click Export to generate the file.


Now that you know how to send GarageBand files, you can now share them with your loved ones. You can also share them online or with anyone who wants to know your prowess at creating beats.