Speed Dial Alternatives on iPhone

There are so many things we miss with each new iOS version or iPhone to hit the market. While most of the features we look back to full of nostalgia have been replaced with newer and better options, we still struggle to set them up and use them. One such feature is speed dialing. If you are wondering how to set speed dial on iPhone, this one is for you.

Speed dialing worked perfectly when our phones had multiple physical buttons that could be tied to a given number. With almost everything now touch screen, speed dial is technically dead. The best you can get on iPhone if you are keen on how to speed dial is an alternative that let you access specific phone numbers faster.

Using Siri to Make Calls Faster

If you’ve configured Siri on your phone, you can always tell her to call a specific person hence saving you the pain of having to search through your entire phonebook looking for that one number.

using siri to make calls iphone speed dial

Using Your Favorites List

Your other option would be configuring the Favorites list. This lets you choose specific people who show up on your Favorites section of the contacts app. Arguably, the shorter list is easier to manage and you can always search through faster as opposed to going through your entire phonebook.

To add a phone number to your favorites list, scroll to the contact you want to add and tap on it to bring up the details menu. At the bottom of the interface, you’ll see a button prompting you to add that contact to your favorites list.

This is the closest you will ever come to a speed dial. It isn’t much of a tradeoff. After all, the contacts app offers a seamless search feature that makes finding a phone number fast and easy. Just begin typing the name of the contact you want and the app will filter your options giving you a refined list that is shorter and easier to search through.