Snapchat streak disappeared? How to get it back

Snapchat is a messaging app in which users exchange photos and videos (snaps). The snaps are meant to disappear once they are viewed. A Snapchat streak is when users send direct snaps to one another back and forth for several consecutive days.

The Snapchat streak might disappear sometimes. If this has happened to you and you are looking for how to fix it, don’t worry. This page will show you why Snapchat streak disappears and how to get it back.

Why the Snapchat streak disappears

There are number of reasons that might make your Snapchat streak to disappear. They include;

  • Broken chain of communication: When either you or your friend fails to send a Snap within 24 hours, your Snapchat streak disappears.
  • Internet connectivity issues: Using Snapchat requires internet connectivity. So, if one of you is facing internet connectivity issues, Snaps may not be sent. In that case, Snapchat should notify you that the Snap wasn’t delivered, so you can try again later after switching to a stable network.
  • Technical issues with your devices: Technical issues with either your device or your friend’s may make it difficult to send Snaps in time. In this case, your Snapstreak will disappear too.

But, sometimes it occurs even when both parties did send Snaps. The reason for this is still unknown, though most users blame a bug in the app.

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How to know if you lost your Snapchat streak

When the fire symbol appears next to your friend’s name, it means that the two of you are on a Snapstreak.

The number next to the fire symbol shows the number of consecutive days you have been on a Snapstreak. To maintain a Snapstreak, both parties must send a Snap back and forth to one another within the 24 hours’ window.

When your Snapstreak is about to end, you will see the hourglass symbol next to your friend’s name. But, when there is no fire symbol nor the hourglass symbol, it means your Snapstreak is lost.

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How to get your Snapstreak back?

Fortunately, there some cases where you might get your Snapstreak back. The only way to get your Snapstreak back is by appealing to Snapchat.   Below is how.

  • Go to Snapchat Support
  • Click on My Snapstreaks disappeared
  • Enter your username, e-mail, contacts, device, friend’s username, and any other relevant information you may need to add.
  • When asked whether you saw the icon, select NO. Snapchat won’t restore your Snapstreak for not following the rules.
  • Once you are satisfied with your answers, enter the captcha and click send.

Snapchat will sent you a message if they are going to restore your Snapstreak. You will then have to send Snaps to one another within 24 hours from the time you receive the message. If you do this, then your Snapstreak will be restored.

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