How to Stop iTunes From Opening Itself Randomly

Its annoying to have iTunes open automatically every time when plugging in an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

iTunes is set to open for you to manage your files, music, and settings on your iOS device. However, sometimes you only need to charge your iPhone or do other things when iTunes launches on its own. If this behavior irritates you then hold on since in this guide I will show you how to stop iTunes from opening automatically.

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What causes iTunes to keep opening by itself?

iTunes opens automatically for the following reasons:

  • When you’ve included it among startup programs
  • Whenever you connect an iOS device
  • When you click on a special iTunes link on your browser

Ways to stop iTunes from randomly opening by itself

Whether you are using Mac or Windows, the following solutions will work out for you.

Remove iTunes Helper from startup programs

When installing Apple products on your PC, a special program known as iTunes helper will install alongside iTunes. This software is responsible for monitoring background operations and instructing iTunes to open whenever a program requires it.

If you disable iTunes Helper, iTunes will remain inactive until you start it manually. Head over to this iTunes Helper guide to learn more. If you don’t have enough time, then here is how to disable iTunes Helper.

  • Open Task Manager on your Windows PC
  • Select the Startup tab and scroll until you find iTunesHelper
  • Click on it, then click Disable on the bottom right side of the Task Manager
  • Restart your PC

By removing iTunes Helper, you have now known how to prevent iTunes from opening when your computer starts or when connecting an iPhone or iPad. However, if this solution doesn’t solve the problem, then proceed to the next step.

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Prevent automatic sync

Automatic sync is responsible for starting iTunes on your computer whenever you connect an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Follow the steps below to prevent automatic sync:

  • Open iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC
  • Select Devices from the menu
  • Find a checkbox named ‘prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically’ and check it.

This will disable the sync feature across all devices. However, if you only want to disable it from one device, then do the following:

  • Connect the specific device to your computer then open iTunes
  • Go to the Device list and select your device
  • Uncheck Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected

Prevent browser links from opening in iTunes

Check to ensure your browser isn’t opening an iTunes link. Go to your browsers settings and check for startup pages or any add on that might be triggering iTunes. Disable any add ons you suspect one by one while noting if any change occurs.

Update iTunes

If the problem persists, update iTunes to the latest version. Visit this page to download the latest version of iTunes for your PC or Mac. Install it, then observe if the problem goes away.

Alternative fixes worth trying

  • Uncheck the Wi-Fi sync feature on iTunes
  • Log out of iTunes then log in again
  • Go to iTunes preferences and turn off sharing features such as Home Sharing and Playlist sharing
  • Delete widgets like Alarm Clock and Timer that are directly related to iTunes
  • Go to the library folder found at /username/Library/Preferences/ and remove .plist files from the preferences folder
  • Disable apps such as Hyperdock and I Love Stars. You should also remove apps such as UAC and Gimmie Some Tune which have been reported to start iTunes automatically. Use a clean up utility tool to remove any remnants of these apps.
  • Delete the current alias on your Mac and replace it with another one.
  • Check if your Keyboard has a problem or you have accidentally set an iTunes shortcut

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iTunes keeps opening and playing music on its own

Some users have reported a strange incidence where iTunes opens and starts playing music from their playlist by itself. No matter how many times they close it, the app keeps opening on its own and playing random songs from the iTunes playlist.

To prevent this issue, check all devices that are using your iTunes account and ensure that none of them is triggering it. Go Devices and remove connected devices. Check for wireless music devices too and remove it, then observe if the problem occurs again.

In Conclusion

Hopefully you have managed to stop iTunes from opening randomly during startup, whenever you connect an iPhone, or just by itself. If you are still encountering issues or have found a better solution, let us know in the comments section.