Tapjoy Hack For FREE Unlimited Currency on iOS 11, 10 & 9

Tapjoy is a mobile advertising network that allows game developers and companies to give users incentives such as in-game currencies and coins as rewards for completing simple tasks. The tasks can range from installing a game to watching a video. Both of these are just a form of advertisement meant to make gamers aware of the games and even prompt them to download them and earn rewards.

How Does TapJoy Work?

Tapjoy works in such a way that users are given rewards to download and install games on their iOS devices. For example, if you are a developer of a game like Clash of Clans, you definitely need to grow your user base in order to earn more from your game. In this instance you will use Tap Joy to run ads on the Tapjoy network, where users will have to perform an action and be given a reward.

Users will only be given the reward once, meaning that your game will be shown to many people without duplicate figures or many cheats appearing. Users can get as many coins from completing different tasks on different types of sites. Apart from getting coins and installing apps, other tasks include spending money on goods and clothes on the web.

Luckily, there is a hack that can make it easier to earn multiple points from tapjoy. Below are some of the tricks, cheats, and hacks to expect.

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Features to Expect from TapJoy Hack

  • Get unlimited TapJoy points or currency when you open the app or game
  • Get unlimited points or coins when you watch a video
  • Multiply the currency earned on Ads
  • Disable the limit of ads you can watch
  • Instant finish ads
  • Disable the popup messages that appear on Tap joy

How to Hack TapJoy

The following tapjoy tricks will enable you to get more points and rewards for doing basic things. This process works at the moment and can help you know the tapjoy cheats to implement. Follow the steps below to implement the cheat.

  • Download PreferenceLoader and iFile
  • Using iFile, download the .deb file and add it on your device using a file explorer like iFunBox, iExplorer, or Filza
  • Open iFile
  • Visit the directory where you saved the .deb file
  • Click on it and tap install
  • Wait for the device to automatically respring

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If you haven’t downloaded iFile yet, you can use the following tapjoy tricks and cheats to get more points and rewards.

  • Download the .deb file
  • Open a file explorer lke iExplorer, WinSCP, Filza, or iFunBox
  • Drag and drop it on /var/root/Media/Cydia/Autoinstall
  • Respring the device

You can now enjoy the tricks and cheats for earning more points on tap joy.

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