Telegram: You’re restricted from posting to public groups

Every social media has community rules and guidelines that promote safety and good interaction between users. You may be suspended or banned from the account if you don’t adhere to set rules. Telegram has strict rules that govern the use of its app.

You may have received an email or notification that you have been banned from the platform’s public group. Why you may ask? Well, I’ll attempt to explain some of the reasons behind the ban.

This article will also cover what happens when you are restricted from posting to a public group on Telegram. You’ll also find out whether you can unban yourself from a Telegram group.

Reasons why you are restricted from posting on public groups

Telegram can ban you from posting in a group for several reasons. The limitation on Telegram depends on the violation committed. If you send two or three messages that violate these laws, you may serve a ban of two or three days.


If the ban is severe, you may be temporarily banned for 30 days or life. You will be notified of the reason behind the ban and the duration limit via email.

You should use the app responsibly and mind other members’ welfare to avoid being blocked.

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How to remove Telegram restrictions for posting in public groups

In Telegram, you can either be banned by the group admin or the platform itself. If you are banned from posting on the public group, you can contact the group admins to stop these restrictions on Telegram. A temporary ban can last between 24 hours to 3 days.

If you are banned by Telegram itself, you should contact Telegram customer support for further assistance.

How to unban yourself from a Telegram group

You may have been banned from Telegram for no apparent reason or genuine reasons such as spamming and sharing inappropriate content.

The reason behind this is that Telegram has a far better security feature compared to WhatsApp. If you have been banned, you have no choice but to wait for the ban to be lifted.

There are cases where you may be banned for no reason, and if so, you can contact the Telegram support team and explain the events in detail. While they look into it, you will have to be patient while they work on recovering your account.

If you want to unban your account urgently, you can easily unblock yourself in two ways; creating a new account or contacting the spambot.

We shall get into details on how to do so.

1. Contact spambot

Telegram bots

If you feel you have been wrongly restricted from Telegram’s public group, you can contact the Telegram administrators via spambot. If you are approved, your ban will be lifted immediately.

Follow these steps to contact the spambot channel:

  • Search for spambot on the search field and tap on it to open it.
  • Tap on the Start button.
  • At the beginning of the reporting process, select the ‘This is a mistake’ option.
  • Tap on Yes.
  • Select the option ‘No, I’ll Never do Any of This.’
  • You must also write a message for the bot to appeal to your account.

You will be notified shortly by the bot, including a review date, and if your administrators approve, your report will be removed, and your account will be recovered.

2. Deleting and creating a new account

Deleting your banned account and creating a new one is a sure way of recovering from the ban. Later, you can message the group or person you were restricted from.

However, it is best to remember that once you create a new account, all the messages, information, files, and contacts will be erased.

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