Best Terrarium TV Alternatives for iOS 12

Terrarium TV for iOS 12 would have been an answer to the prayers of many movie lovers on the platform.

Sadly, however, the app while supporting HD movie and TV show streaming on Android, Windows and Firestick, has largely ignored the iOS platform, much to the sadness of many users on the platform. This guide seeks to fill that void the best we can by listing the top Terrarium TV alternatives for the latest iteration of iOS.

Terrarium TV, prior to its discontinuation, stood head and shoulder above the competition due to its superior interface, streaming capabilities and intuitive UI. For iOS users, however, these features that had made the streaming app so popular were never available on the platform, but other capable apps have stepped in.

These alternatives to Terrarium TV for iOS allow you to watch free movies and TV shows while maintaining some usability and functionality like Terrarium TV.

Top apps like Terrarium TV for iOS

  1. Kodi
  2. MovieBox
  3. CotoMovies
  4. Popcorn Time

Note that it is recommended to install and use a VPN when using a streaming app to view content from unofficial providers. A VPN will mask your IP from the internet and protect your identity from malicious people.

Lets dive in to each of these Terrarium Tv alternatives for iPhone and iPad users.


Starting out in development as XBMC, Kodi is a completely free and open-source media player application that is actively in development, meaning bug fixes and buttery smooth performance with regular updates. The app lets you stream movies, TV shows and Live TV and has support for almost every platform out there including iOS, Linux and Ubuntu, Windows, Raspberry Pi and so on.

The drawback of Kodi also happens to be its strongest suite to many, which is the support for plugins and add-ons. This is the feature that allows you to watch online shows and hence a little technical prowess will be necessary. Once you get over this hurdle (if it is even that), then you have a powerful media experience, right in the palm of your hand.

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This is a worthy terrarium tv alternative that you can use to get your movie fix. Along with streaming HD movies and TV shows, MovieBox allows you to download the titles for offline watching later on.

It is free to download and to use, and features a clean and intuitive interface, much like Terrarium TV.

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Formerly known as Bobby Movie, this app offers a huge inventory of movies and TV shows to watch online. But it also goes a step further and allows you to download all your favorite movies and shows to watch offline later, or just queue movies to watch. The app features support for multiple languages, ensuring a diverse group of people have access to the wonders within.

It supports English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian and subtitles in over 255 languages, ensuring inclusion of people all over the world.

CotoMovies also features innovative services such as the support for Google Chromecast, Airplay, WebOS, Android TV Box and Game Consoles. This guarantees one of the most whole and unique entertainment experience.

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Popcorn Time

From an intuitive and user-friendly interface to a catchy title, Popcorn time is in itself a great app for streaming movies and shows online. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms and undergoes active development to squash bugs, ensuring you have the best user experience.

The app includes some innovative features like the ability to cache movie data onto local storage to ensure smooth and buffer-free streaming of movies and TV shows. Popcorn Time is definitely an app worthy of consideration.

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Hopefully, these Terrarium TV alternatives for iOS 12 tide over your need for free movie and TV show binge sessions. And who knows? Maybe Terrarium TV for iOS is a possibility sometime in the future. For other iOS tips, tricks and hacks, check out other guides on the platform.

This post is meant to bring awareness that such an app exists and nothing else. We don’t root for any content they place on the app nor do we encourage its use.