Can You Text Yourself and Make It Look Like Someone Else?

If you want to send someone a prank that involves someone texting you, then what better way of doing it right from your iPhone? The good thing is that you can do it in just a few simple steps -and there are many ways to achieve it.

Depending on your needs and how you want the fake text to look, we’ve explained how to text yourself and make it look like someone else using iMessage or websites and apps.

Before you text yourself from a fake number, it is important to note that SMS spoofing is illegal in some countries. This is because it may be used for malicious purposes like pranking or criminal activities. But on the other hand, it is legal in other cases since it can be used to protect the sender’s identity when they are at risk.

How to text yourself as someone else on iPhone

If you want to text yourself on your iPhone, here is how you do it:

  • Launch your iMessage app.
  • Tap on the New Message icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Enter your phone number in the To textbox or search for your number in the contact list if you have it saved.
  • Type in your message in the message area.
  • Once you have typed the message, tap Send to deliver the message.

For you to send the message, iMessage should be enabled in Settings. If not, switch on the toggle next to iMessage in the Message settings.

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Texting yourself through online websites and apps

Here are some websites that can make a text look like it came from a different number:

1. Spoof Box


Spoof Box is a popular website offering spooling services such as spam emails, calls, SMS, and iMessage. The tool also keeps your phone number anonymous and sets the time and date for sending the message.

To use this tool, create a Spoof Box account, from where you can access its services.

2. Fake All – Call, Chat, Message

Fake All Call Chat Message

Fake All is a great app to fake text or call your friends or family using Messenger or WhatsApp.

You can customize the name and the chat to anything you want and set a timer to send the message.

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3. Second SMS

Second SMS

The primary distinction of the Second SMS app is that it offers a “fake” or temporary phone number you can use for text messaging and other activities.

Therefore, you can text yourself from a fake number, ensuring your privacy and security.

Final words

These are some of the best ways to text yourself and make it look like someone else. Whether you want to avoid boredom or prank someone, the tools and apps mentioned are considered some of the best you can find.

You can text yourself using iMessage, which has the most straightforward method. You can also use online websites or apps to maintain anonymity and customize your name or phone number.

However, you should also remember not to use them for illegal purposes since you will be violating the laws of your region.

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