Top Network Based Tweaks for Your Jailbroken iPhone

It is a foregone conclusion that your jailbroken iPhone or iPad will not be useful even if it has all other features but internet connectivity. Thanks to this important feature, developers have also been active in releasing different network based tweaks. These tweaks aim to give iPhone users some form of control based on their specific features.

The following list of network based tweak will be helpful if you want a quick review and make the decision on which tweak you would download.

NtSpeed Tweak

This tweak stands out because of its important feature in that it will inform you about your network usage. It indicates the network traffic speed of your active connection is a subtle yet intuitive way. After installing the NtSpeed jailbreak tweak, it introduces a bubble just below the battery icon in the navigation bar. As a result, you will always be informed about your upload and download speeds as your surf the web. You can read NtSpeed tweak’s full review here.

WiFi Passwords List

People process a lot of information all the time. Because of this, remembering all the passwords to the secure networks you have ever connected to is the last thing you would want to do. Thankfully, there is the WiFi Passwords List that can come to your rescue. After installing the tweak, you will have easy access to a list of all WiFi networks you have connected to before and their respective passwords. Read its review to find out more.

WiJoin Jailbreak Tweak

This tweak’s developer got inspiration from Android. As such, after installing it, you will always see a notification when your jailbroken iPhone drops a weaker connection for a stronger one. The notification is minimalistic and will not come into your way of work. Find out the reason why you should install the WiJoin tweak.


The highlighted tweaks are only the base for some of the network based tweaks you could find helpful. Let us know if there are any other similar tweaks that you find useful in your daily activities.