Transfer Photos and Videos From iPhone To Mac or PC

It is common to run out of space on your iPhone. To free up some space, you need to transfer and move your photos, music, and videos to your Mac or PC. Well, there are tons of ways of transferring the files between your devices.

Some of the transfer methods range from using apps like AnyTrans to using iCloud. However, in this post, I’ll show you an unconventional but reliable method for sharing files from an iPhone to Mac, or PC to iPhone without iCloud.

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Transfer Photos from PC to iPad, Mac and iPhone on iOS 11

Use the Telegram Messenger to transfer files between your devices. Thanks to the Telegram app, transferring photos from PC to iPad, or iPhone to iPhone is easy.

While on your iPhone, search and install the official Telegram app from the App Store. The app has a great feature called “Personal Cloud Storage.” To sync all the photos, music, documents, and videos on your personal chat on Telegram, be sure to install the app on your iPhone, Mac, iPad, and PC. You can also use the web client from any location to access files on your personal cloud.

It is super easy to use this method to sync and access files from any device.

After downloading and installing Telegram, navigate to your contacts and tap on your number to start chatting with yourself. Any text or file you send to your personal storage is accessible from anywhere on any device after to sign in to your Telegram account.

Using Telegram to Transfer Photos Between Your iDevices

Besides being a fast and secure messaging application for chatting with your contacts, Telegram is an unconventional but reliable way of solving your photo transfer challenges. By syncing your files on your personal cloud, you will face no difficulty doing the following.

  • Transfer videos from computer to iPhone
  • Transfer music from your computer to iPhone 7
  • Transfer photos from pc to iPhone without iTunes
  • Transfer photos from iPhone to iPad

Try using Telegram and its personal cloud storage for your photo transfer needs and leave your feedback in the comment section below. Is there any other photo/video transfer method you prefer?