Transfer WhatsApp Messages To new iPhone

When you switch phones say from iPhone 8+ to the new iPhone X it is very obvious you want to; keep your WhatsApp account and the conversations you had on your older iPhone. This is a process that will require you to back up data from your older iPhone to your iCloud drive account then restore the same to your new phone.

Back Up WhatsApp

Your phone may be backing up data regularly but you will require to back up data so that you cannot lose any conversation or media if you want to restore it too.

For this;

  • Open settings
  • Go to your account
  • Scroll down to iCloud and select it
  • Scroll down and locate iCloud drive, turn it on
  • Locate iCloud access for WhatsApp and turn it on too
  • Go to WhatsApp
  • Select setting icon located on the bottom right corner
  • Select chats
  • Chats backup
  • Click the ‘back up now button’

The phone will backup WhatsApp data on iCloud immediately. This may take some time especially if you included media backup but you should be patient to it to finish.

You can go ahead and uninstall WhatsApp from the old phone and install the sim card to the new phone.

How to Restore Your WhatsApp Chats

To restore your account to the new iPhone you will need to make sure that you use the same number you had on your old phone thus insert the sim card.

Also, ensure that the new iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network for connectivity.

  • Open WhatsApp on the new phone you might require to install it from the App store by going to App-store, searching for ‘WhatsApp’ then clicking download
  • Click allow WhatsApp to access your contacts
  • Select agree and continue
  • Enter your mobile number (you must use your number on the previous phone)
  • Select done
  • It will send a confirmation code after which you will be asked to restore do not skip as you will not be able to restore again
  • Enter your name
  • Select done

This might take some time but it will just finish and you will be okay

How to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android

To transfer your account to android you will require to backup your data to iCloud using the above steps. Once this is done;

Download or open smart switch on your new Android device.

  • Open smart switch
  • Select receive
  • Select iOS
  • Sign in to your cloud account
  • Select setting from the top right corner
  • Select apps from all the device
  • From the list select WhatsApp
  • You will be taken to the Google play store where you can download WhatsApp and restore your account.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you’ve now managed to transfer your WhatsApp chats to your new iPhone. You can also check out our other WhatsApp tutorials for more fixes.