How to turn off Find My iPhone without a password iOS

Introduced by Apple in iOS 5, Find My iPhone lets users track any lost Apple devices through the iCloud or iPhone website.  Apple also customizes the app to suit various other devices in its line of products such as Find My iPad. The app features a unique Activation Lock that prevents any unauthorized or illegal access to your device.

However, if you have forgotten your passcode, it is essential to learn how to turn off Find My iPhone without password iOS 11.

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Delete your iCloud account description

This involves taking advantage of a weakness that exists in iOS yet it is relied upon by Find My iPhone. To delete your device’s iCloud account description:

  1. Open settings app on your iOS 11 phone
  2. Go to iCloud. Proceed to input the computer password. Input any random number and click on “Done”.
  3. Then, you will receive a notification about the incorrect password. Click on OK, and then choose the Cancel feature. Once you complete this step, you will see the iCloud section reopen.
  4. Now press Account and delete the Description. You will come across the main iCloud section once again, and the Find My iPhone feature will be off at this point.

There is another option if you Can’t turn off Find My iPhone.

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Turn off Find My iPhone remotely

Yes! You can easily turn off the app remotely. The same process allows you to turn off Find My iPhone from your computer. You can access the feature through iCloud, and complete the process remotely. Here’s how:

  1. Using a laptop or desktop, visit and sign in to your account using the Apple ID and Password. The Apple ID and password are connected to your phone.
  2. Then, click on “All devices”, to display any devices linked to your account
  3. Select the device you want to release to another user
  4. A new pop up window will come up, ignore it and proceed to the next step
  5. At the center of your screen, “All devices” will now have altered to the name of the device you wanted to release to another use. Click on the name, and a list of devices will come up, and then click on the “x”.
  6. Then, you will be prompted to delete the device
  7. Click “Remove”, and the process is complete

Finding how to turn off Find My iPhone without password iOS 11 is a bit counterintuitive since it undermines its purpose. The app works to protect iPhone users from issues such as theft, and getting rid of it is often challenging. However, the app can be deleted by resetting the phone or remotely through iCloud.

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