How To Turn Off Two Factor Authentication On iPhone

Although the two-factor authentication may increase privacy and security level on Your Apple device, it may be very inconveniencing if you cannot access the trusted devices to provide the required code. If you have had a problem with this then worry no more since you can remove it in these 4 easy steps.

Two-factor authentication requirements

For two factor authentication you will need to have at least one trusted device, with a trusted phone number, a number that you can be sent codes when signing into new devices. The code can either be sent through text message or an automated voice call.

Apple two-step verification problems

The following are some of the problems you will encounter while using the two-factor authentication.

  1. forgot your password

If you forget your account password you need to log on to then enter your recovery key to one of your trusted devices. The temporary verification code can be used to reset your password.

  1. Loss of a trusted Device

If you lose a trusted device meaning you cannot access the code you will need to login to this page.

On the Verify identity page click can’t access your trusted device. In the pop-up window enter your recovery key then select edit on the security section.

  1. Recovery key

If you do not have the recovery key you can log in to your account with your apple id and password and access to one of your trusted devices. With access to your account you can change you recovery key. The old key can no longer be used to control any activity in your account.

How to turn off two-factor authentication

To turn off two-step verification you will need to:

  1. Open your favourite web browser and log on to
  2. Input your Apple login credentials. You might require to log in with the two-factor authentication.
  3. Open the Security link on the account and tap edit.
  4. Click on the link for two-step authentication and turn it off.

To complete the process you will need to set up security questions to cover up for the two-factor authentication.

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No option to turn off two-factor authentication

If you are using iOS 9 or a more previous version, you will not find the option to turn off two-factor authentication. For this you can update your device or use the Apple ID and password which should still work fine.