How to unsend an email in Outlook

If you’ve ever sent an email only to realize later that it has typos, you sent it to the wrong recipient, or it has the wrong attachment, you understand the importance of an unsend feature. Unfortunately, not all emailing services have this crucial feature. Fortunately, Outlook isn’t one of those services.

So, is it possible to unsend an email in Outlook? Yes! It’s possible and we’re going to show you how to do it.

What do you need to recall an email without the client knowing?

The caveat to recalling an email in Outlook 365 is that both you and the recipient must have a Microsoft Exchange email account or Microsoft 365 in the same organization.

To unsend an email in Outlook 365

  • Launch Outlook on your device.
  • Check the folder pane on the left and select the “Sent Items” folder.
  • Find the message that you want to recall and double-click to open it.
  • Click on the “Message” tab on the classic ribbon at the top of the Outlook message window.
  • Select “Actions” from the dropdown.
  • Click on “Recall this Message”.
  • Click on the “Delete Unread Copies of this Message” option. But, if you have a replacement message, select “Delete Unread Copies and Replace with a New Message”.

If you select the first option, You can click on “Tell Me If Recall succeeds or Fails for Each Recipient” to disable the confirmation message or leave it if you want to get the recall notification. This is because the option is usually enabled by default.

Once you’re done, click “OK”.

If you selected “Delete Unread Copies and Replace With a New Message”, Outlook will launch a second screen for you to revise the message. Once you’re done, click “Send”.

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NOTE: Unfortunately, these tips can’t unsend an email in Outlook Web or from a recipient who is outside the organization. Also, if the recipient has already opened the email, the recall won’t work

How to set up email delay on Outlook

In some cases, the recipient could still be notified about the recalled email. So, to avoid situations where you have to recall a sent email in Outlook or explain why you deleted it, activate the delay feature.

Here is how to do it:

  • Open Outlook and select “File” in the upper-left corner.
  • Scroll down and click on “Manage Rules & Alerts”.
  • When the “Rules & Alerts” window opens, select “New Rule”.
  • Another pop-up window will appear on the screen. Select “Apply Rule on Messages I Send” that’s under “Start From a Blank Rule”.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Don’t select anything on the conditions list. Click “Next” again.
  • A confirmation screen will pop-up. Select “Yes” to confirm.
  • Select “Defer Delivery by a Number of Minutes”.
  • Click on the “A Number of” link and select your preferred delay period (120 minutes is the maximum).
  • Click “OK” then “Next”. If there are exceptions you wish to include, select the “Exceptions” options.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Name your Rule then check the “Turn on This Rule” checkbox.
  • Select the “Finish” button.

After the set-up is complete, you can delete a sent email in Outlook by going to your Outbox folder, selecting the email, and dragging it to your trash folder. If you want to edit it, drag it to the drafts folder.

Can you unsend an email that is already sent?

Yes, you can. But it should be unopened and the recipient must Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange email account running through the same company server.

Being able to recall an email in Outlook is a lifesaver for many people. Especially when you consider how easy it is to make an error in an important email. With these tips, you can save the situation, but you must act fast.

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