Can you use a phone number from a banned Discord account?

When registering for an account on Discord, you are required to provide your phone number among other details. Additionally, upon registration, you’re required to follow the platform’s Terms of Services. Failure to do so and you will be banned from the platform.

Suppose you want to create a new account after a ban; can you unban a phone number on Discord? Unfortunately, this is not possible for a permanently banned account.

On the other hand, if your account is temporarily banned, you can get your phone number back through methods that we shall discuss in this article.

How to recover your phone number from a banned Discord account

When you are banned on Discord, you can’t access its services. Some users can use alternative methods to go around the ban, while others prefer to create a new account.

Of course, when you are registering for a new account, your phone number is required to use the site’s services. The purpose of phone numbers, email addresses, and two-way authentication is for security and verification purposes. They help Discord maintain an anti-abuse structure and ensure better security for all registered accounts.

If your account is temporarily banned, you can recover your phone number by unlinking it or deleting your Discord account. We will guide you on how to do each of the mentioned methods:

1. Unlink your phone number from a banned Discord account

Before you remove your phone number, ensure that you are logged into the account registered with your phone number. Once you are logged in, you can follow the steps below to unlink it:

  • Open your Discord account on an app or website.
  • Select the User Settings with the cog wheel icon.
  • Select the My Account page on the left column.
  • Tap on the Remove button next to your phone number.
  • Follow the instructions provided to delete the phone number.

If you have been permanently banned from your Discord account, you cannot get your phone number unbanned because it is blacklisted from the servers. In addition, you cannot use it to register another account since it is connected to the user’s IP address.

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2. Delete your Discord account

Below are steps on how to delete your Discord account:

  • Log in to your Discord account on your app or website.
  • Select the User Settings option with the gear icon.
  • Tap on My Account on the top left menu.
  • Under Account Removal, select Delete Account and confirm the process, which will require you to enter your password and code.

What if my Discord account is permanently banned?

Your phone number is invalid if you have been permanently banned from Discord. The only solution is to contact customer support to uplift the ban. It is especially an immediate solution if you have been wrongfully banned from the platform.

You can also use a VPN to get around the ban and use the same phone number. Although this is not an absolute way, you can access your banned account and change the phone number. However, this isn’t a guaranteed way to reuse your number.

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