What does it mean when Verizon says calling restrictions?

An automated message stating that ‘the number you have dialed has calling restrictions’ may occur when making a call on Verizon. This can be frustrating, especially when trying to reach someone urgently.

A few reasons may explain why you are receiving this message. First, the message may be announced because you are outside the plan’s coverage. The other reason is that the recipient may have enabled a call-blocking feature. Follow these guidelines to fix calling restrictions.

What are calling restrictions?

It is a call alert that prevents certain numbers from being dialed for outgoing calls. The person you call may have enabled a call-blocking feature that blocks calls from specific numbers.

It also majorly depends on the recipient’s subscription service provider.

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How to get around Verizon’s calling restrictions

When you call a Verizon number, and it says calling restrictions, it either means that the dialed number has blocked you or there is a network issue. We will show you how to check whether your number has been blocked on Verizon and how to remove calling restrictions.

You may receive the call restrictions because you or the caller are outside the plan’s coverage area. To solve this issue, ensure that you are within your plan’s coverage area.

You should also check your calling plan, which may restrict roaming or call outside your local area.

1. Call a different number

You can try dialing a different number to check whether your number is blocked or not. If you receive the same automated message, it means that your phone number has an issue, not the person you are dialing.

It is important to note that Verizon cannot block mobile numbers outside Verizon’s coverage area. We recommend using a mobile number not associated with Verizon, probably a different service provider, to solve this issue.

If you cannot reach the other person using another mobile number, you should take the next step and contact Verizon contact support.

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2. Contact Verizon customer support

You should contact Verizon customer service and describe the issue. You need to call 0 on your phone book to reach them. The support team will work their best to unblock your number.

If they don’t, they will give you feedback on why they can’t and alternatives to solve it. If you don’t feel like contacting them over the phone, you can contact them via email or their contact page.

3. Remove the calling restriction on Verizon

You can easily bypass Verizon calling restrictions by blocking your number. That means when making a call, it will appear as a private or unknown number on the other end. To do this, dial 67 and insert the phone number you try to reach without spacing.

While the recipient has blocked your number, the device will not identify the number, and thus the number will successfully go through. Note that this method only applies if the receiver has disabled the Call Intercept option. If enabled, unknown and private numbers will be automatically blocked.

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