View iPhone X Battery Percentage In 3 Ways

You can now buy the best iPhone ever! The iPhone X finally went on sale on November 3 a week after pre-orders started. Shortly after the first group of iPhone die-hards and enthusiasts acquired the all-screen iPhone 10, news started hitting the internet about the missing battery percentage.

Read on to find out the 3 simple ways to view the percentage of the battery on your new iPhone.

On previous iPhone models you could enable a permanent battery percentage. The steps involved going to the settings app, preferences, then the battery section. However, this latest iPhone had to sacrifice some features to achieve an all-screen display only dented by the front-facing camera nudge. The limited space can only accommodate the battery icon.

Checking Battery Percentage Via Wireless Charging

You can quickly know the battery percentage on your iPhone X by placing it on a wireless charger. The percentage will show immediately the phone gets into contact with the charger. This method is quick if you have access to a charger already connected to a power source.

Ask Siri iPhone X Battery Percentage

Although you might face some challenges when using Siri, this Apple virtual assistant will help you find out the remaining battery percentage on your iPhone 10. Just trigger Siri and ask it “What is my current battery percentage” and it will answer you.

Swipe Down from Upper Right-Hand Corner

You may not be in a position to use the above two methods because of no accessible wireless charger or no internet connectivity for Siri to work. As such, that will leave you with the third option for viewing the battery percentage on your new iPhone X.

Just go ahead and swipe down from the top right-hand corner of the screen to show the Control Center. You will see the percentage right there in the CC and this is probably the most common way people will use.

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