VivoMovie Stabilizer Enables You To Take Great Action Footage on Your iPhone

Your iPhone has a great camera and a good image stabilization feature to help you record amazing action footage. However, the device isn’t easy to use especially when vlogging. With VivoMovie Stabilizer, you can expect better handling of your iPhone and proper image stabilization when recording videos.

This device is made up of a gimbal to keep your iPhone in position while shooting videos or taking photos, stabilizer brushless motors to maintain a fluid video recording experience, and USB Type-C connectors to a power bank to ensure your iPhone has enough juice to power it through hours of recording quality 4K videos.

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VivoMovie provides a Telescoping Monopod, Roll Bar Mount, 3-suction cup holder, and a Knuckles Hand Finger Grip, among other items to ensure that you have a good grip of your iPhone while recording. You can also use the suction cups to stick your iPhone on your car’s windscreen or on its sides if you want to get quality footage of the inside, outside, or sideways.

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One of the main concerns while vlogging with an iPhone is that one tends to get tired too quickly due to the hardship in holding the device. VivoMovie excels on this front by providing a light but durable handle, complete with a handgrip to make it easy to film without you hand interfering with the frame. It also makes it comfortable to film over a long period.

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With its Telescoping Monopod, you can adjust the lengths to anything between 7.28” and 33.70” for more dynamic shots. Adjusting is as simple as twisting the monopod counter clockwise to release and then move your phone to your preferred location before twisting it back to position.

Whether you are filming from a bike, car, or while on foot, you will find VivoMovie to be quite an amazing tool that once you start using, you won’t ever return to shooting videos with your hand outstretched. It enables image and video stabilization and its size makes it easy to carry around.

vivo movie with suction cups

When you order VivoMovie, you will get the stabilizer, an Angled Lighting cable, Angled Reversible Micro-USB, USB Type-C, ¼’ Screw Connecting Adapter, and a Carrying Case. This might just be all you ever need to transform your iPhone into a perfect vlogging tool.

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