Where is the Clipboard on My iPhone?

The clipboard is synonymous with any smart device that displays and accepts any input. It is the golden way to copy stuff from one place and conveniently place it (paste) at another place. In most operating systems (iOS included), all the clipboard work happens in the background.

This leaves the where is the clipboard on my iPhone question unanswered.  You can’t see the clipboard and go through its contents when using your iPhone. There is no app called the clipboard that you can launch and interface with.

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If you are keen on interfacing with the clipboard, you will have to venture into third-party apps like Heapo clipboard manager that let you view the clipboard and monitor its history over time.

copy pasting on iphone

So if you don’t know where is the clipboard on iPhone, how can you use it?

Using the iPhone Clipboard

To use your clipboard, tap and hold a section of text and wait for a popup menu. The pop up will have the option to copy, select all and Define. You will also get a set of two markers that you can drag around to select whichever text you want to copy.

In other apps, you might just have the option to Select/Select All. The Cut option will also be present in the text that you can edit and you created on your own.

You can also do the copy trick on an image by taping and holding the image and waiting until the menu pops up.

To paste what you just copied, go to an appropriate destination, for instance, your notes app, email composer, iMessages or any other text editor. Tap at the location you want to paste and hold. You will get a popup menu that prompts you to paste whatever is on your clipboard.

Your clipboard remembers the last copy for as long as your iPhone is on. You can replace whatever you copied by making another copy. You never have to worry about emptying or cleaning the clipboard. Next time you want to type a phone number or text you’re transferring from one app to another, maybe consider copy-pasting. The clipboard will always come in handy.