Why iMessage doesn’t say delivered but receiver responds

Have you sent an iMessage that didn’t say delivered, but the recipient responded? You must be wondering what’s wrong with it.

Well, several people have complained about this glitch. For some, the recipient responded to the sent message, while others received an unrelated message because the initial message didn’t go through.

This article will discuss why the problem happens and the best way to solve it. So, keep reading to learn more.

What does it mean when iMessage doesn’t say delivered

When you activate iMessage on your iPhone and send a message to another iPhone user, the message appears as a blue bubble, meaning they’ve also activated iMessage. Next, it will say “Delivered” if the recipient receives the message.

If it fails to send, you’ll get the “Not Delivered” status. So, when you don’t see either of the two statuses, it could be:

  • The recipient isn’t connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular data network: iMessage requires an internet connection to work. So, the message won’t be delivered if your device or the recipient’s device isn’t connected to a working network.
  • The recipient’s iPhone is switched off: The message will not be delivered if all the Apple devices linked to your iMessage account are switched off.
  • The recipient has enabled Do not disturb: Enabling “Do not Disturb” also prevents messages from going through to the recipient.
  • You’ve blocked the recipient: Users sometimes discovered that the message didn’t return the “Delivered” status because they had accidentally blocked it.
  • The recipient turned off “Send Read Receipts”: If the recipient hasn’t enabled their “Send Read Receipts,” you may not receive status reports like “Delivered” or “Read.”
  • The recipient has logged out of their account: When the recipient logs out of their account, it’ll be impossible to reach them through iMessage.
  • The recipient is on a call or texting someone else: The iMessage could fail to deliver when the recipient is engaged on a call or texting somebody else.
  • You’re using another Apple device you didn’t use to send the message: If you used your iPhone to send the iMessage and then switched to iMessage on Mac or iPad, the “Delivered” status could be unavailable on the new device, even though the receiver responds.
  • The recipient received the message on an Apple device that’s not their primary device: Lastly, if iMessage doesn’t say Delivered but the receiver responds, chances are their primary device is off, and they’re using another Apple device to respond.

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How to fix the iMessage doesn’t say delivered error

Since the cause of this error may vary from one Apple user to the next, you’ll have to try various troubleshooting solutions until it’s fixed. Let’s check them out below.

1. Wait

For many of the triggers on the receiver’s end, there’s little you can do apart from alerting the recipient and waiting it out. For instance, if their devices are switched off, you’ll wait till they turn them on.

If they’re far from a network coverage or not connected to a network, you’ll wait for the devices to be connected. And if Do Not Disturb is enabled, wait for it to be disabled.

However, if you wait a few hours, and still it doesn’t say delivered, you can move to the next solution. But, if they respond, text them back about it.

2. Check your other devices

Check iMessage on the other Apple devices using your account. The message probably has the “Delivered” status on one of the other devices.

3. Check your internet


If iMessage doesn’t say delivered and sends the “Not Delivered” status with a red exclamation mark beside it, you need to check your internet connection. Is your Wi-Fi or data network stable?

Try and switch between the two or connect to another network and check if the iMessage “Delivered” status appears. Also, ensure Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb are disabled on your devices.

4. Check if you’ve blocked the person

Go to your contacts, then click on the receiver’s profile. Scroll down and check if you blocked them accidentally.

Select “Unblock caller” and see if the “Delivered” status will start to appear below your message.

5. Turn iMessage off, then Back On

Turning your iMessage off and back on can help remove system bugs that may prevent the “Delivered” status from showing on messages. Here is how to do it:

Go to Settings > Messages > toggle off iMessage. Wait a minute or two, then toggle it On.

6. Restart your devices

Reboot all your devices connected to your Apple ID and activate iMessage. From iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac. The restart will refresh the systems and clear any glitches causing iMessage errors.

7. Sign out and back into your iMessage account

Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Tap on your Apple ID at the top, then select Sign Out on the pop-up menu. To sign back in, select Use your Apple ID for iMessage, and enter the login details.

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8. Update iOS

Get the latest version of iOS for all your Apple devices. Usually, the updates come with bug fixes that solve many minor issues, like iMessage not showing the “Delivered” status.

To update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, plug it into power and connect to Wi-Fi, then go to Settings > General > Software Update

Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Software Update to update your macOS. You can choose to either Update now or Upgrade now.

9. Enable send read receipts

If you can send and receive iMessages, but don’t see the “Delivered” status, ask the recipient to enable send read receipts on their device. They should go to Settings > Messages > toggle on Send Read receipts

10. Send as a text message

If the message you’re sending is urgent, you can Enable Send as Text Message in Settings > Messages, then send it as a regular text. The message will change from a blue bubble to a green one.

Now, if the green message doesn’t say delivered, you should check if there’s enough credit balance.

If iMessage doesn’t say delivered, am I blocked?

No, iMessage not showing the “Delivered” status doesn’t mean you’re blocked. This is because the status usually appears even when a recipient blocks someone. Try and call the person using Facetime and see if the call goes through.

From the information above, you shouldn’t worry much when iMessage doesn’t say delivered or iMessage saying not delivered, but it is. Especially if the receiver responds and you can communicate with them. Simply use the troubleshooting guide to eliminate the error.

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