Why Is My iPhone 7 Overheating? How To Fix

There have been many complaints recently about the iPhone 7 overheating. While it hasn’t happened on my iPhone, I got a firsthand experience of the issue from a friends iPhone. When your iPhone prompts you with a temperature warning screen, your reasons for overheating may vary. So, here’s a list of possible reasons why your iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 may be overheating and how to rectify the issue.

Why Does My iPhone 6/iPhone 7 Get So Hot?
Too Much Use

If you extensively use your iPhone, it will overheat. An iPhone is like a computer in that it has a Central Processing Unit (CPU). CPU’s have the tendency of overheating after continued use since they execute commands. If you give your iPhone too many commands without giving it a break it will overheat. An example is like playing games while listening to music.

Third Party Applications

Since your iPhone has a lot of applications, there are those that run simultaneously. Some of these apps may go renegade and cause your CPU to overheat. A misbehaving app may be causing too much power use while you may not even be using it.

Exposure to Direct Sunlight or Heat

This too, should be avoided. Your iPhone 7 will overheat especially if you use it exposed to direct sunlight. Don’t leave your iPhone 7 in the car on a warm day. Keep your iPhone away from warm places for long durations.

Leaving GPS On

The location service(GPS) should be on when you need it. Leaving GPS on throughout will cause it to overheat.

Leaving Bluetooth On

Your iPhone 7 will overheat if you leave you Bluetooth on for prolonged periods.

Charging while Using

Charging your iPhone 7 while using it will cause it to overheat. The combined use while charging causes too much power to be in play and it will overheat and in some instances your battery might swell.

Improperly Installed system

If you install a device improperly, then it will definitely cause glitches. You apps will probably misbehave and cause overheating. The iOS may have been downloaded from a suspicious website or it wasn’t installed properly.

Effects of iPhone 7 getting really hot

  • The device may stop charging.
  • The camera flash is disabled.
  • The display dims or won’t turn on. iPhone 7 overheats and goes black.
  • Cellular radios will enter a low-power state.
  • The signal may weaken dur to the low power state.
  • iPhone 7 overheating and battery drain. This is when you use it while charging.
  • iPhone 7 may restart by itself. Overheating will cause your iPhone 7 to restart.

These effects last only for a while. That means that they are temporary. So, how do you avoid all these mishaps from occurring to your iPhone 7?

How to Fix iPhone 6/iPhone 7 overheating issues

  1. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

All applications run in the background. This may lead to overheating of your iPhone. Apps that you don’t need shouldn’t be in your iPhone if it is overheating. Delete apps that you hardly use or never use at all. This will help with your overheating problem.

  1. Avoid Using While Charging

Charging your phone should be time for just that. Using your iPhone while charging will only make things worse. Your iPhone will definitely overheat. Use your other devices like iPad or iPod so as to give your iPhone 7 time to charge.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS and Personal Hotspot

Turning these features off will ensure that they don’t use up power and cause your iPhone 7 to overheat. This is extremely helpful and will preserve charge at the same time. Don’t connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth speaker all day. Go to the settings on your Home Screen and turn off Personal Hotspot or Bluetooth.

  1. Dysfunctional Cables?

Your cable might be what is causing your iPhone 7 to overheat. Check your lightning charging cables and use a different cable to see if your iPhone stops overheating. This kind of rogue cables cause overheating during charging.

  1. Reset all Settings

Refreshing your settings might actually help with iPhone overheating. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings. This will not delete any of your media. Your music, photos and videos will remain intact.

  1. Factory Default

To factory reset your device means erasing all the data that your iPhone contains. All your apps, music, emails and photos will be deleted. This is a kind of final resort if overheating on iPhone 7 persists. However, Apple keeps a history of all your purchases so it will be simple to redownload items like music. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content iPhone. Restarting your device will bring you to a setup process.

  1. Update to Latest iOS

Check if you are using your latest iOS. First back up your data before you update your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download > Install > Enter your passcode if asked.

  1. Call Apple Support

It may be that you just need to exchange your battery. If not, Apple can replace your iPhone 7. For your battery, call Apple Support for remote detection and follow the instructions given. Apple is replacing iPhone 7 models and select iPhone 6 models that persist with overheating issues.

Remember, if you damage your iPhone, for example by dropping an iPhone that isn’t waterproof in water but it still works fine, make sure you take it to get fixed. Water or some other substance may cause corrosion and damage your device.

That’s it. This guide should help you out with and iPhone 6/ iPhone 7 overheating issues.