Fix Can’t Sign into iCloud Problems On iOS 11

After upgrading to iOS 11 on your iPhone X or earlier versions, the last thing you would want to experience is getting stuck on the iCloud sign-in process. This post shows you how to fix different “can’t sign into iCloud” issues. Let’s dive in and discuss the various things you can do when your iPad or iPhone freezes or locks you out during iCloud signing in.

For an easy layout, I’ll start by listing the reasons that cause iCloud sign in errors.

  • iPhone or iPad freezing during the sign in process
  • Authentication error
  • Forgot iCloud password or Apple ID
  • Exhausting the maximum number of free apple id activations on a device
  • Poor network connection

Fixing the Sign in to iCloud Loop or Freezing Problem

The solution to this problem is in two main steps; checking whether iCloud is working and resetting your iPhone before resigning in.

  • To check the status of your iCloud, visit the iCloud Support Website and choose your country. After that, confirm if “iCloud Account & Sign In” along other features are ticked green by clicking on the System Status.
  • Find out if your iPhone is running on the latest iOS, that is iOS 11. You can do so by opening the Settings App > General > Software Update.
  • The last thing to check if your iCloud is working is confirming your Apple ID is operational. A successful logging in to will prove your Apple ID is good to go.

Move to the second part of the solution, which involves resetting your iPhone.

  • On the other iPhone, hold the side button until the “slide to power off” appears for you to shut down.
  • Since the iPhone X is a little different, the steps involve squeezing the Side button and a Volume button together to show the “Slide to Power Off” option.
  • Power up the iPhone and re-enter your Apple ID to sign into iCloud.

Dealing with Authentication Error When Signing into iCloud

The most probable cause of the “authentication failed” error when signing is using the wrong iCloud password. You need to reset your Apple ID password to successfully sign in into iCloud.

  • Head over to
  • Choose the manage your Apple ID
  • Try signing in using your current password
  • Reset the password and then sign in using the new password

If you noted, the above steps cover both the authentication error and the forgot password issues when you are unable to sign into iCloud on iPhone.

Exhausting Free iCloud Account Activations on iOS 11

You will get this message when trying to sign in or create a new iCloud account on a device that has already been used to activate three other accounts. That is so as Apple ties all iDevices to a maximum of three free iCloud accounts.

To go around this iCloud signing in problem, try using another iPhone or iPad to sign in. If successful, then you need to sign out and delete your iCloud account on the initial iPhone to allow you log in.

create icloud on macUsing a Mac or another iOS device to create an iCloud account will help you avoid hitting the limit of the maximum number of iCloud activations on your iPhone or iPad or use this hack.

iCloud Signing in Problems Due to Poor Network Connection

When you can’t sign in to your iCloud and get a message pop up like “could not connect to iTunes store” then it could be a network problem. Go ahead and reset your network setting to solve the issue.

Head over to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

A slow connection can also lead to failed iCloud sign in attempts even when using the correct apple id and password combination. Restart your iPhone and try signing in again. You can also switch between Wi-Fi and data network connections.

In the case that all the above solutions fail, the remaining option would be to contact apple support.

Which iCloud sign in error or problem have you faced on iPhone using iOS 11? Did the above steps help you? Let us know in the comment section below and follow us on Twitter.