iCloudin for iOS: Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

iCloudin is an iOS tool that serves one major purpose: to bypass iCloud activation lock. The need to bypass iCloud activation isn’t necessary if you can recover your iCloud login details. However, you may find yourself in need of a tool to bypass iCloud activation lock due to any of the following reasons:

  • Trying to access a hacked or tampered iCloud account. Attempting to access such an account by regular means could result in the iDevice resetting itself, which means a total loss of data for the owner. A scenario most owners would want to avoid.
  • Attempting to access the iCloud of a second-hand iOS device on which the owner neglected to remove his iCloud account.
  • Trying to find out necessary details about the owner of a misplaced or accidentally taken iOS device with good intentions.

In either of these scenarios, you are left with the need to bypass the iCloud activation lock, a task that iCloudin can achieve by following the steps on this guide.

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How to download and use iCloud

Use the following steps if you need to download and use iCloudin for iOS.

Step 1: Download iCloudin

The iCloudin tool to bypass iCloud Activation lock tool is available as a free download from their website for both PC and Mac users.

It is advisable to have the latest iTunes version installed on your PC or Mac and at least a 50% charge in the iOS device you’re trying to bypass iCloud Activation lock on using the iCloudin tool.

iCloudin is compatible with the following devices running iOS 7.1.2, 8, 9,10 or iOS 11.:

  • All iPhone Models newer than the iPhone 4S
  • iPod Touch 5th and 6th Generations
  • iPad

Note that the newly released iOS 12 is not yet fully supported by the iCloudin developers.

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Step 2: Bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock

To bypass iCloud activation using the iCloudin tool, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Unzip the contents of the downloaded .ZIP file to a folder of your choosing e.g Desktop
  2. Connect the iOS device you want to bypass iCloud activation lock on to your PC or Mac.
  3. Run the ‘iCloudin bypass tool’ from the folder you unzipped the contents to.
  4. In the resulting screen, click on ‘Host’s file IMEI’
  5. In the browser window that appears, navigate to the folder you unzipped the file into and click on ‘Hosts_Activation_IMEI.java’
  6. Wait for the ‘Xploit Running’ bar to fill.

Your iOS device’s iCloud activation lock should now be successfully bypassed by the iCloudin tool.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful to you in using iCloudin to bypass iCloud activation lock on your device.