Top 10 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 13

What is enjoyable about an iPhone if you don’t play around with some amazing jailbreak tweaks? These mind-blowing tweaks will leave you more reasons to carry your iPhone with you wherever you go. When it comes to jailbreak tweaks, Cydia is one of the best places to check things out before venturing into other collectives such as Simods or Mojo Installer. The major drawback of Cydia’s collection is its poor categorization of apps, which means you need to know what you need before heading there. It is for this reason that I have gathered this amazing collection of best jailbreak apps, just for you! Here are 10 of the best iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks.


This is probably everybody’s first jailbreak app. Accessibility on iPhones is dependent on the speed of your commands, which is what Activator solves for you. The tweak features a myriad of application shortcuts designed to speed up your command-response process.


With this jailbreak tweak, you can customize the Control Center to include other options from the Settings list. For example, you can include essential features for example Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, VPN, Hotspot, and Location Services. You can also remove them from the Control Center as you wish. While not many think this app as intriguing, I think accessibility to toggles is something we would all like to enjoy- and there is no better way than through FlipControlCenter.


CallBar is useful for those of us who would like to continue using our iPhone’s without interruptions when there is an incoming call. The CallBar jailbreak tweak displays the incoming call at the upper section of the display.

Camera Tweak 4

If you are photogenic, then the Camera Tweak 4 is one of the best tweaks when it comes to taking photographs and videos on your iPhone. If you want your photos on iPhone to look as crisp as possible, this is a must have jailbreak tweak. You can actually adjust tons of photographic parameters such as photo resolution, separate focal point from exposure, set timers, change FPS settings (for videos) and much more.


TranslateMe allows you to translate Foreign language without having to install third party translation apps such as Dictionary. With TranslateMe, all that is required if for you to highlight the text you want translated and tap on the ‘Translate’ button which the tweak includes in your options list.

Eclipse 4

It has a dark mode feature that is responsible for saving a lot of power for your device. It works by darkening most parts of you iOS apps which reduces the backlight intensity ensuring your battery lasts longer. However, you need to enable it every time you launch a new app which is a major limitation. It would also be good for the app to have a variation in backlight intensity instead of the fixed dark mode.


In a nutshell, Horseshoe transforms your Control Center experience into a single paged love affair. With iOS 10, the control Center user interface comes with 2 pages and three if you enable HomeKit. This kind of clutter lowers your user experience; which Horseshoe has solved. With Horseshoe, your controls, shortcuts, toggles, and music controls are all consolidated in a single page.

SwipeSelection Pro

SwipeSelection Pro allows you to place the cursor anywhere on the text with a greater efficiency than before. It works by allowing you to swipe your finger across the keyboard and selecting text using the Shift or Delete key.

Speak Notifications

With speak notifications, your mobile phone reads aloud your notifications as they come in, making sure that you do not miss out a crucial calendar event or application warning.

Answering Machine

This jailbreak tweak handles all you crucial voicemails for you, with tons of amazing features such as Voice Recognition, DTMF (Touch-Tone) Commands, Speech Synthesizer, Call-Screening, and Real-Time Interaction.